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The Silver Chair
(Book 4, The Chronicles of Narnia)
by C. S. Lewis

Date Completed: August 21st, 2005

The Silver Chair is the fourth book in the original order, and it is sixth in the repackaged chronological order. Eustace returns to Narnia without his cousins but with a new friend, Jill. Eustace and Jill are led by Aslan on a quest to return Prince Rilian to Narnia. Puddleglum is an amusing character as nearly everything that comes out of his mouth is overly pessimistic.

The children are given signs to follow by Aslan, and they end up getting lost along the way. They still end up being guided by Aslan and end up succeeding in their mission. This book goes further into the evil side as the children are taken into the Underland and encounter the Emerald Witch, Queen of the Underland.

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