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Wonderland: A Year In The Life Of An American High School
by Michael Bamberger

Date Completed: September 15th, 2005

This was another random pick at Barnes & Noble. I almost was embarrassed that I wanted to buy a book about high school life. Pennsbury High School has a fascinating history with their proms. The preparations for their prom are serious, and they take nearly the entire year to plan for it. I think that I probably would have been more excited about my high school proms had they been anything like this one!

The book follows several of the kids throughout the year with their personal issues and endeavors. Apparently this book has been picked up frequently by John Mayer fans, as the kids in the book attempt to get him to play at their prom (and they are not joking about the attempt). I found it an interesting look at contemporary high school life (which always has been full of drama).

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