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Thank You for Smoking

Date Viewed: Saturday, April 15, 2006

Review written 2006-06-08

I went to see this one with a group of friends having no prior knowledge of what the movie was about before walking into the theatre (aside from the obvious). I thought it was great! Immediately, I felt that this was one that I would want to get on DVD (though after a second viewing, I was less sure). The movie cracked me up and poked fun at both lobbyists and the tobacco industry. After viewing the movie, I had a tough time answering the question posed to me, "does the movie put a positive light on tobacco companies?" The movie doesn't exactly take sides with the tobacco company or the lobbyist. It manages to point out the absurd actions of both sides. This is a movie that I would recommend. I can't say for sure which side of the issues that the author stands for considering that the absurd actions of both sides are brought to light. I am certain that it doesn't matter and the point is