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The Da Vinci Code

Date Viewed: Monday, May 29, 2006

Review written 2006-06-08

Despite the bad reviews, I still wanted to see the movie having read the book several years ago. I went into the movie with fairly low expectations which is a good thing. The movie wasn't horrid. It just could have been better. I think that there were two main problems with the movie. The first was that the book was so overly hyped that I'm not so sure that any movie could have lived up to all the hype. Sure, the book was great, and I definitely enjoyed reading it. But did it deserve the amount of hype that it has received? I think that the overhyping of the book lead to unrealistic expectations of the movie. The second problem was the movie's fault. The controversial issues that are the heart of the novel are fairly watered down in the film. This is disappointing and took away considerably from the impact that the book had on the reader. I can't say that I'm surprised, but I was disappointed nonetheless.