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Triangle Poker Group

Past, Present, and Future Trips
Itineraries, trip reports, photos, etc.

Lifetime Poker Group Points Standings
Just a little something to make the poker even more competitive.

Poker Group Player of the Year Points Standings
The poker group points race for 2019.

Poker Group Tournament Results
For now, the tournaments include poker group weekly events and maybe a few special events here and there. In the future, we will likely develop some criteria for inclusion...

Poker Group Hall of Champions
All the weekly winners since August, 2005.

Poker Group Profiles
A list of profiles for members (and honorary members). Currently contains 25 profiles:
Audrey, BJKing, Chuck, ChuMei, Clint, Harold, Iceman, Jeff, Justin, Kerry, Kevin T., KingLittle, Laaaaaagle, MrBigStacks, mrBluff, MrsBigStacks, Pokerdough, PokerGeek, Rob, ShullTrain, T Money Bag$, The Cuz, The Gabe, The Poker Champ, Weaz