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Poker Group Lifetime Points Standings
(since August 1, 2005)
(showing only non-zero results)

by points
Player Total
1Brad M.724.1616
2Kerry T.656.44613
3Gabe T.627.67314
4Justin P.591.76711
5Audrey V.375.3266
6Brian B.362.1338
7Doug F.347.4338
8Rob R.299.2425
9Anna B.283.826
10Terry H.280.2906
11Brad L.275.8227
12Jeff R.242.925
13Paul G.236.8115
14Jeremy H.226.3214
15Clint W.221.924
16Traci M.185.6224
17Jeremy K.185.5614
18Chuck D.183.8114
19Donovan V.182.6623
20Hugh C.144.7913
21Amy S.130.8513
22Matt W.127.5622
23Stan J.119.9812
24Gwynn D.117.9803
25Doug B.112.7403
26Alan S.95.4811
27Jason C.94.9912
28Jim C.90.1812
29Harold C.89.3812
30John J.78.9212
31Jim M.65.2101
32Melissa P.63.4801
33Greg O.61.3211
34Jon P.52.1801
35Ben B.45.2401
36Michael F.41.1401
37Frank D.38.2301
38David W.36.201
39Nate B.34.8801
40Daniel J.33.5101

How are the points calculated?

Tournament Ranking Points (TRPs) are awarded to players when they play in any sanctioned poker group tournament and finish in the money. The number of points received depends on the entry fee, number of players entered and the rank of the player. The "entry fee" for the weekly game for the purposes of calculating points is 10. Special events may vary.

The TRP formula is:
B=buy in (excluding fee)
N=number of players entered

Rounded to 2 decimal places.