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What's his story?
Pokerdough first learned poker from his step-brother at about ten years young. Five Card Stud started as his favorite game from the limited choice of Five and Seven Card Stud, and Straight. All the betting rounds of the seven card games and the odds that his brother's hand would doubtless improve as the hand matured kept his dislike of those games fairly high. When he used his skills [and luck] at a class beach weekend to earn $15.00 from a nickel game played in the hotel room, he was hooked. Unfortunately, there was a gap of about eighteen years between then and the Hold-em surge we see today. Only an occasional game of Euchre onboard ship helped sate a fix. Now, that seven card game slips easily into first as his favorite -- especially because of all the betting rounds and maturing hand improvements.

Pokerdough is one of the original members of the poker group and has been a constant at the games since the group's inception.

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
Boardgaming and gaming in general occupy the high points of his month.

Working in the computer field keeps him on a computer almost constantly. This was also an early obsession of his which eventually grew into a livelihood despite a lack of formal education beyond a TRS-80 based BASIC course he attended when he was twelve.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
Currently, he primarily plays 1-2 No Limit Texas Hold-em. For those he breaks even on the average.

The ~100+20 tournaments hold his interest as a once per trip venture. No wins yet.

When 1-2 NL HE is not available, the 4-8 Limit Texas Hold-em ranks second. Again, he breaks even.

Poker Leaks
He tends to overestimate the other players' hands.

Poker Pet Peeves
Just an online peeve. He's seen a lot of hands at the casino and online. When people complain that the online game is rigged, it makes him laugh or get irritated (if in a recent hand) because the same or similar has occurred at the live table as well. You see a lot more hands online because its automated so, the odds of seeing something unusual rise proportionately.

Get over it and see you next game.

Online Poker
He plays on pokerroom as pokergik sometimes. The online game offers a lot more hands in the same span of time but, it lacks that read potential.

Most Memorable Poker Hand
His favorite hand stands when he held pocket fours at Bally's in Las Vegas at a 2-4 Limit Hold-em game. Six limpers started the hand to see the flop. The person to his right bet on the flop, he called, the person on his left raised, the next person folded followed by another raise to eventually cap the betting.

The flop was: 4s-Xs-4h.

The turn comes with another spade and the second person to Pokerdough's left kept the bet-raises coming to cap the round. The person to his right finally folded. Pokerdough just kept calling. Three people left in the hand.

The river betting capped the round again with three people in the hand and the showdown revealed the Ace-High spade flush, a straight, and Pokerdough's quad fours. It earned him about one hundred dollars in a 2-4 limit game!

Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • Weekly Game (Dec 6, 2005) - 2nd out of 9
  • Weekly Game (Sep 27, 2005) - 2nd out of 10
  • Weekly Game (Aug 16, 2005) - 2nd out of 10

  • Trips Attended
  • Atlantic City 5 (Dec 2005)
  • Atlantic City 4 (Oct 2005)
  • Las Vegas 4 (Jul 2005)
  • Atlantic City 3 (Apr 2005)
  • Tunica 1 (Jan 2005)
  • Atlantic City 2 (Oct 2004)
  • Las Vegas 1 (Sep 2004)
  • Atlantic City 1 (Aug 2004)

  • Some of Pokerdough's photos from Poker Group Functions
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