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Kerry with her meager chipstack once she was in the money in the 2005 Ladies Event at the Jack Binion World Poker Open in Tunica, Mississippi.

What's her story?
Kerry joined the poker group when she founded it in January 2004. Kerry rarely misses a poker group event (except for when she's out of town on poker trips!). She maintains this website, as you can probably guess from the KerryLeanne part of KerryLeanne.com. She clearly enjoys going on poker trips and has organized most of the details for each poker group excursion. She's always with her camera on these trips as you can clearly see from the abundance of photos on this website. Most of all, Kerry enjoys referring to herself in the third person.

What does she do when she's not playing poker?
The answer to this question can be easily found by browsing the rest of this website. Her day job is as a software developer for a large software company. In her spare time, she hangs out with friends and family, plays board games and video games, travels, scrapbooks, reads books, attends concerts and movies, and works on this website.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
Kerry enjoys playing $1-2 NL Hold'em cash games and has recently added $2-4 NL to her repertoire. On the longer trips, she enjoys tournaments typically with buy-ins lower than $300. She prefers the freeze out structure. She's not a big fan of single table satellites as the blind structures are usually insane.

Poker Leaks
Kerry will occassionally throw her money away in other parts of the casino (and sometimes random prop bets). She has participated in Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Poker, random slot machines, sportsbetting, horse racing, roulette, video poker, and more. She has only placed a few sports bets and is retired from that business after placing all the wrong bets on the basketball games in the 2005 NCAA Final Four Semifinals. She played Three Card Poker on exactly one trip (way before she started playing real poker), and that will be the last time she ever plays that game, unless she wants to lose her money very quickly again. She still plays an occassional round of Craps (Poops!) and Pai Gow Poker. Her biggest leak would be Wheel of Fortune slot machines, found almost everywhere (except apparently Foxwoods)...but she's a lifetime winner with the good ol' Wheel. She did take one for the team on the July 2005 trip to Vegas (Vegas 4) when she "let it ride" on a $1 Wheel of Fortune machine (thanks to MrBigStacks). She will also throw her money into the Tropicana junket "money bags" in hopes that one day it will pay off big.

Poker Pet Peeves
Oh, where to begin? There are so many annoying things in the poker world. Some of Kerry's poker pet peeves include:
  • When people mistakenly call all trips a "set"
  • The K on the flop when you hold AQ in your hand
  • When people stall excessively in a tournament when short-stacked and close to the money (especially when it makes no difference during hand for hand play!)
  • When the person with a called hand delays showing and waits on other people to show their cards first (and then shows just one card at a time).
  • Players bluffing at empty side pots (I'm sure I did it when I started playing, but that doesn't mean I can't be annoyed by it now!)
  • When players rake in a HUGE pot in the casino and neglect to tip the dealer.
  • Players that try to school the fish at the table (thanks to Weaz for pointing that one out).
  • Donkey-style dealing.
  • Casino Tournament Finishes
  • February 2005 - Sahara daily tournament $60 with $40 add-on - 7th out of 130 - $300
  • January 2005 - Jack Binion WPO Ladies Event $225 buy-in - 36th out of 441 - $336
  • June 2004 - Tropicana Friday tournament $55 buy-in with rebuys - 4th out of 119 - $950

  • Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • Weekly Game (Feb 4, 2011) - 2nd out of 13
  • The 7th Annual Nothin' Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 11, 2010) - 2nd out of 15
  • Weekly Game (Feb 6, 2008) - 2nd out of 9
  • Weekly Game (Dec 12, 2007) - 3rd out of 11
  • The 4th Annual Nothin' Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 1, 2007) - 2nd out of 25
  • Weekly Game (Aug 14, 2007) - 2nd out of 14
  • Weekly Game (Mar 21, 2006) - 1st out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Jan 3, 2006) - 1st out of 11
  • Weekly Game (Nov 29, 2005) - 3rd out of 12
  • Weekly Game (Nov 22, 2005) - 1st out of 9
  • Weekly Game (Nov 15, 2005) - 1st out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Sep 20, 2005) - 1st out of 15
  • Weekly Game (Aug 16, 2005) - 1st out of 10

  • Trips Attended
  • Atlantic City 6 (Nov 2007)
  • Las Vegas 6 (Apr 2007)
  • Las Vegas 5 (Jan 2006)
  • Atlantic City 5 (Dec 2005)
  • Atlantic City 4 (Oct 2005)
  • Foxwoods 1 (Aug 2005)
  • Las Vegas 4 (Jul 2005)
  • Atlantic City 3 (Apr 2005)
  • Las Vegas 3 (Apr 2005)
  • Las Vegas 2 (Feb 2005)
  • Tunica 1 (Jan 2005)
  • Atlantic City 2 (Oct 2004)
  • Las Vegas 1 (Sep 2004)
  • Atlantic City 1 (Aug 2004)

  • Some of Kerry's photos from Poker Group Functions
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