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What's her story?
The weekend of July 4th (2005), Lori was at a 1-2 No-Limit table at the MGM minding her own business when she noticed to the right of her a lovely young lady with braids on both sides of her head. She thought to herself, “Wow! She’s got a cool hairdo”. As Lori raked in a huge pot because 5 dummies called her all-in when she had a full house, the girl she had named, “Cool Hair”, smiled and said, “HI, MY NAME IS KERRY!” and Lori replied with a “HELLO, I AM LORI!”. From then on a friendship forged in chips and cards was made. This friendship was then solidified with a brunch at the Bellagio buffet and by playing together in a tournament at the Sahara. Lori has not yet made an appearance in poker group games, but she plans to meet up with the group at casinos around the country whenever possible. She gets an honorary membership as part of the Austin chapter.

What does she do when she's not playing poker?
When Lori is not playing poker, she is usually playing 9-ball at the local pool hall and trying earnestly to perhaps be one day a hustler. By day, she is a mild mannered programmer or a tech whore as her co-workers call her because she will bounce from Visual C++ to Java to whatever technology will pay off her mortgage. Heh! Her other hobbies besides poker and pool is reading and honing her sarcastic verbal skills.

Her father works as a director of communications for Homeland Security. Her mom is a retired campaign manager. She worked with the likes of Reagan and Bush Sr. Lori's boyfriend is a partner in an ad sales company.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
Anything poker she will try once :)

Poker Leaks
Her poker leak is that she generally plays too tight, even heads up. She needs to learn how to switch gears.

Poker Pet Peeves
Lori's pet peeve is the knuckleheaded bully who doesn't know what the hell he/she is doing and throws money around and Lori can't catch cards to take their bankroll. THAT KILLS HER.

Online Poker
Lori plays on party poker under her initials, Elle Dee. She doesn't like online poker as much as table poker because she gets bored and plays loose and stupid online :(

Greatest Poker Moment
Lori's greatest poker moment was going heads up in one hand against her boyfriend at a tournament at the final table. There was still 8 people left, and Gaines had to act before Lori. He went all in pre-flop and everyone folded then it got to Lori and she had AA's. She laughed and called him, he had QQ's. Her AA's held and she knocked her boyfriend out. He was so mad at her. But he got revenge on her shortly there after when he decimated her in a 9-ball tournament. :)

Casino Tournament Finishes
In Lori's first Vegas tournament ever, she finished 4th out of 97 at the Sahara.

In less reputable and secret tournaments in Texas, she generally can place in the top three.

Trips Attended
  • Las Vegas 4 (Jul 2005)

  • Some of ChuMei's photos from Poker Group Functions