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What's his story?
Clint first played Holdem about two and half years ago. The 2003 WSOP broadcasts turned him on to the game, and he played his first tournament at his own bachelor party in August 2003. He finished 2nd in that tournament and was immediately hooked. Over the 2003 holidays he played in two tournaments with his high school friends, winning a 14 person $20 game (winner take all!) and finishing 2nd in a 16 person $20 game that paid top 3.

In February of 2004 Clint went to lunch with a friend that decided to bring along an old colleague. It was a moment that would change Clint's poker future. This friend of a friend was none other than the infamous suckout specialist Laaaagle, who invited Clint to join him at a big tournament in Efland that weekend. Clint went on to win that tournament (getting home around 7AM to an unhappy wife) and immediately started attending the TPG weekly games. Clint quickly became a VIP, and since he keeps such detailed records, can tell you that he owned his fellow poker groupies in that first year. (For those keeping track at home, that would be 9 cashes with 6 wins in 22 attempts during 2004.)

In November 2005, Clint moved to Northern NJ. He was bummed to become an absentee member of TPG, but he still plans to hook up with them on the trips to Atlantic City. Clint would also like to point out that at the time he left NC, he was leading the TPG points standings.

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
Clint builds his poker bankroll by working as an engineer during the day. His job involves designing implants and surgical instruments for Stryker Orthopaedics, or as Kerry likes to call it "making legs." He is married to Betsy, a beautiful and honorable woman that he met in high school. Since she knew him before he made his fictional (for now) millions playing poker, she can be trusted. :) In addition, Betsy is a Mary Kay consultant, and before his migration to the north, Clint thoroughly enjoyed delivering pink goody bags to the female member of the TPG.

Clint's main hobby is watching entirely too much TV, particularly poker, sports (Duke basketball and Titans football), and addictive comedies and dramas like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Lost, The Office, and Arrested Development (the ratings for which are a modern tragedy). Fantasy Football is also an addiction that makes Clint's wife despise him from 1PM Sunday until midnight Monday during 17 weeks of each year, although he has vowed he is done with the game after the misery of his 2005 season.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
Clint has only been on two casino trips since learning to play poker. His games of choice are $1/$2 NLHE or $4/8 LHE. He has only played in three tournaments, all NLHE, and has not placed in any of them.

Poker Leaks
Yeah right, like he is willing to disclose any weaknesses!

Clint's biggest poker leak is his wife's slot play. (Although she did save them on their Vegas trip by hitting a few jackpots to offset a full week of him being card dead.) Pai Gow could also be considered a leak if it weren't for the fact that Clint has actually had more Pai Gow success than Holdem success in his limited casino time.

Poker Pet Peeves
Clint hates...
  • When the blinds get so high that you can't really play poker anymore.
  • When people bet into a dry side pot with nothing or a VERY weak something (ace high, pocket fours on an AQ9 board, etc). It infuriates him.
  • Bad players folding their blind to an opponent's all-in when getting the odds to call with any two cards. That really gets his goat.
  • Table captains - you know, those morons that want to tell everyone else how to play or guess everyone else's hole cards ALOUD during the hand!
  • People who stall during hand for hand.
  • Sunglasses at $2/4 tables.
  • Cats. He is highly allergic and has intentionally played recklessly just to get away from the feline dander.
  • Last but not least, Clint believes Kerry should be banned from access to candy during poker games. :)

    Finally, for those who don't know, The Gabe is Clint's poker nemesis. Through the summer and fall of 2005, the majority of the knockouts Clint suffered came at The Gabe's hands. Clint has lost about 14 coinflips in a row to The Gabe (stats unofficial), and his only defense lately has been to fold AK and pairs lower than JJ pre-flop if The Gabe raises ahead of Clint.

  • Online Poker
    Clint only has two accounts currently. He tried Interpoker and hasn't been back since clearing his deposit bonus, so if you want to find Clint at the virtual table, check out Pokerroom. His screen name is bluedevil02, and he plays mostly $2/4 and $3/6 LHE and $20+2 NLHE SNG's where he is a force to be reckoned with. Clint really appreciates that he can play multiple tables at once with online poker.

    Memorable Moments
    The following hand happened to Clint while playing $1/2 in Vegas at the MGM. Clint was in MP with ~$170. UTG raised to $5, UTG+1 raised to $10, UTG+2 raised to $20, fold, call, Clint raised to $50, and it was folded to the BB who went all in for less than $50. It was then folded to the original $20 raiser who called. Three went to the flop which came AA4. The player acting ahead of Clint went all-in for more than Clint had, and Clint insta-called with AA in the hole!!! The other guy had flopped a boat with pocket fours. Good times!

    During a weekly game at The Gabe's house, it got down to Doug (~9k), Kerry (~3k), and Clint (~3k) with blinds at 200/400. Kerry was on the button and went all-in. Clint went all-in from the SB, and Doug folded. Kerry turned up 66 to Clint's QQ. Clint started insisting that Kerry better not Laaaaaagle him!!! She burned and started to deal the flop, holding it where Clint could not see it yet...and then she and Doug began smiling and laughing. Sure enough, the flop included a third 6 for Kerry. Justice would prevail, however, when a beautiful queen fell on the river! Clint then went on to beat Doug heads up.

    Hmm... there's not much left to say. Well ok, Clint did get asked to leave the Gold Strike in Tunica one time for an out of character expletive directed at one of their hostesses. According to him, she totally deserved it though!

    Casino Tournament Finishes
    Three out of the money finishes. Due to the high entry fees and super fast blind schedules, Clint isn't really a fan of low limit Casino tournaments.

    Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • Weekly Game with Bonus (Nov 8, 2005) - 1st out of 15
  • Weekly Game (Sep 27, 2005) - 1st out of 10
  • Weekly Game (Sep 20, 2005) - 2nd out of 15
  • Weekly Game (Aug 23, 2005) - 2nd out of 10