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What's his story?
Jeff joined the group in early 2005 and has been playing for about a year (as of August 2005). Jeff has known several members of the poker group for years through local boardgaming groups. While he makes most poker group nights, he looks forward to going on a trip. Every other Friday you can find a game hosted at Jeff's and you can even find some of the group there from time to time.

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
When not playing poker you can find Jeff either at work where he is a computer programmer, at home working on his own web hosting company, or somewhere around 3000 feet. Jeff is a private pilot and is working on buying a plane and building hours toward an IFR certificate.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
Considering he has not played poker in a casino the game of choice for Jeff is $5 blackjack. Jeff is looking to get in on some $1 - $2 no limit games in Atlantic City this fall.

Poker Pet Peeves
Jeff's biggest pet peeve is someone betting at an empty side pot with nothing or a weak hand that might not beat the all in hand.

Online Poker
When Jeff is not busy with everything else, his site of choice is pokerroom.com and goes by webmagik.

Poker Luck
Ok, so imagine you are three handed, second in chips and the person in front of you folds. You look down at your pocket cards and you have pocket kings. What a beautiful hand in three way action so you make a humble raise and the chip leader calls. The flop comes Queen, Seven, Three all different suits. You move all in, over $7800 in chips and the chip leader immediately calls. Yes that is right you have stepped right into it as he turns over pocket aces. Jeff suffered this beat only a couple weeks ago before this posting.

Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • Weekly Game (Feb 4, 2011) - 1st out of 13
  • Weekly Game (Jun 17, 2009) - 2nd out of 14
  • Weekly Game (Oct 4, 2005) - 2nd out of 12
  • Weekly Game (Sep 6, 2005) - 1st out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Aug 30, 2005) - 2nd out of 12