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The Poker Champ | Profile List | Audrey


(That's Weaz on the right)

What's his story?
Weaz has been playing about 2 years now (as of August 2005) and has been hosting his own 3-6 limit game on Wednesdays. He occassionally makes the poker group games. He is always interested in trips; however, circumstances usually prevent him from attending. He has been trying to coin the "69" as "The Weaz". So any of you win a big tourney with 69, please plug it for him!

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
Weaz is an engineer and a frisbee player and is ready to start a family with his lovely French wife Stephanie. (As soon as Bush and Rumsfeld let her in the country)

Casino Poker Games of Choice
NL ring games and ALL tourneys, hold'em that is!

Poker Leaks
Weaz's main leak is thinking that everyone is stupid (though he claims that he is usually right).

Poker Pet Peeves
He doesn't particularly like headphones at the table, although he admits that as soon as you hear him say this, you'll see him wearing them. He also doesn't like "poker teachers" at the table, especially when they school the fish.

Online Poker
Weaz plays mostly at Party Poker, with the handle "Mangez_Moi." What other site constantly has 60,000 people logged on at all times?

His Favorite Poker Rooms/Clubs:
  • Love the Borgata
  • Love the Aviation Club (Paris)
  • Like the GutShot Club (London)

  • Casino Tournament Finishes
  • GutShot Club (London) 20 out of 50 NL re-buy
  • Aviation Club (Paris) 25 out of 45 NL freeze-out (his QQ vs. big stack AK....he lost, what are you going to do?)