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What's his story?
Lance was mostly a bridge player until Dawn bought him a book (he forgets the name, but it was a story of some guy playing poker in NYC and it had a neat cover) a few summers ago for his birthday. Shortly after that, he met Weazel at a fantasy football draft and learned of the home game he hosted. It's really been all downhill from there. Eager to take advantage of the culmination of the poker boom, his constant self-loathing over staying in a toxic work environment in the mortgage insurance industry (what a joke of a product), and an opportunity to watch just about every game of national league baseball on DirecTv, Lance quit his job as a risk manager in January and has been playing poker professionally since then. Lance makes an occasional appearance at the regular poker group game. He was introduced to the group by Kerry with whom he has mutual friends in the bridge world.

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
Lance mostly plays bridge, plays with his dogs, hangs out with Dawn, and plays Strat-O-Matic baseball in his freetime.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
1-2 NL and 6/12 Limit holdem at the Borgata. Loves that place.

Poker Leaks
Drinking too much and playing like a maniac, being too aggressive preflop against opponents he can outplay postflop, being sucked out on by Weazel in their last 37 tournament all-in confrontations.

Poker Pet Peeves
Yeah, he's with Weaz. No schooling the fish. People meet different needs by playing poker. As long as Lance's need of making money and competing is being met, why not let the players there for entertainment meet there needs as well. It's like mutually beneficial, huh huh huh.

Online Poker
Lance plays about 40 hours a week online at Party (MikeDoss), Stars (Minus790), Paradise (MikeNugent), and PokerRoom (ShullTrain)

Loves the online poker world. Loves the ability to play so many hands in such a short period of time. Loves working in the pajamas. Not that paranoid about the profitability or quasi-legality going away any time soon.

Casino Tournament Finishes
Finished 5th / 350 in the first big live tournament he played in Reno in spring 2004.