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What's her story?
Audrey's interest in poker started gradually in 2004 by watching ESPN tournaments, playing in a few home games, reading a few books, and listening to friends' online poker stories. That fall, Audrey was introduced to the Poker Taverns league in the Triangle area. Since then she has played consistently in those games. She also plays fairly regularly in low stakes ring games. She can only play at the poker group game occasionally because the regular night is a bridge night.

What does she do when she's not playing poker?
In Audrey's non-poker time she enjoys playing bridge at the local club, going to bridge tournaments, scrap-booking, reading, running and watching too much TV. She tests software to pay the bills.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
In her three casino experiences, Audrey had enjoyed freeze-out NL tournaments, $1-2 NL and $3-6 Limit.

Poker Leaks
Video poker in the casino, especially the machine where you can play 50 or 100 hands at once for 5 cents per hand. Playing too loosely with recently-acquired chips that constitute a profit.

Poker Pet Peeves
  • Showing one card at a time.
  • Hesitation/refusal to show cards "first" when there has been no betting on the river.
  • Slow-rolling.
  • Hmm, I see a trend here Just flip your damn cards over!

  • Online Poker
    PokerStars - MissA_1430

    Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • Weekly Game (Dec 12, 2007) - 1st out of 11
  • Weekly Game (Aug 14, 2007) - 1st out of 14
  • Weekly Game (May 22, 2007) - 1st out of 13
  • Weekly Game (Jun 27, 2006) - 1st out of 11
  • Weekly Game (Oct 25, 2005) - 1st out of 12
  • Weekly Game (Aug 23, 2005) - 1st out of 10