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What's his story?
Jim learned about the group through a random co-worker of several of the poker group members. He called up one of the members, and he has been attending the weekly game regularly since then.

Jim has played many games over the years, starting with chess, then moving to Bridge when he was 12 (he was by far the youngest player at the local duplicate bridge club), then to Go where he just about reached Dan level, and then Blackjack (the name BJKing is supposed to represent "Blackjack" King, uhhh, not the one that many people TRY to associate with it in online rooms). Blackjack was nice because it was the first game he could play and make money at.

Unfortunately, many casinos were not so pleased that he was making money at it, and he has been asked not to play it any more at a number of them. So after seeing an episode of World Poker Tour summer before last he thought he would try it. He started reading all that he could find about NL hold-em, and found that he really enjoyed NLHE tournaments on-line at Party and Paradise.

Just in the past six months or so (as of December 2005), he has started trying some live play too. He loves to go to Las Vegas and the casinos will comp him rooms, show tickets, etc. to stay there, so it was natural for him to start playing some poker on those trips as well. But generally he has been going on those trips alone. So he looks forward to going with a group of people.

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
Other than games, he also loves to perform. He has had 13 years of voice lessons and has been in a number of musicals and operas --- in 2005 he was paid to be in three operas --- The Devil and Daniel Webster, Twelfth Night, and most recently, Amahl and the Night Visitors. His favorite role that he has done, though, was as Dr. Craven in the musical, "The Secret Garden".

He has a son in college at Wake Forest University (although he is not as old as THAT makes him sound), who he has a great relationship with. He works as a Software development manager at SAS, managing a group writing SAS Text Miner, a text mining product.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
He actually has only played limit and no-limit hold 'em. He wants to learn other games, but so far that has been what he has focused on. He is not very good at limit hold 'em because he has not studied it as much, so right now, he is just a one-trick pony.

Poker Leaks
Jim claims to have a lot of poker leaks --- notably he has a hard time laying down a hand that is likely to be second-best. He also has a tendency to go on tilt against a player that plays back at him a lot, and makes poor decisions against them. He has a tendency to underestimate the hands a player might hold when they do play back at him. He is afraid that he is also too easy to read when he is playing live. Finally, he keeps trying to bluff calling stations even though his mantra is "Never bluff calling stations... never bluff calling stations". Just the other day he bluffed on the river after betting both the flop and turn, when the board had five low-medium cards. He had KJ. His opponent called with KQ... why? Because he is a calling station. Why did Jim bet? Uhhh, he thought he could bluff a calling station.

He is working on improving his play in each of these areas. He finds he learns a lot by looking at hands that he has (mis)played and rethinking how he approached them.

Poker Pet Peeves
His number one pet peeve is one others have mentioned earlier --- betting with nothing into a dry side pot... why do people insist on doing this? His second is the Hellmuthian ranting that many online players do when a fish sucks out on them on the river. Get over it, people... you want the fish in your game... don't educate them about their fishiness.

Online Poker
He plays on Paradise as BJKing2 and on Pokerstars as BJKing. However most of his play has been on PartyPoker, although he is currently not on that site.

Casino Tournament Finishes
His best live tournament result was in the Bellagio daily game that he played on his last trip in Vegas. He bought in for $330, finished fourth for a $2900 payday. His best result online was a $20k win in the nightly Paradise $30 rebuy.

Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • Weekly Game (Mar 21, 2006) - 2nd out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Jan 24, 2006) - 1st out of 10

  • Trips Attended
  • Las Vegas 5 (Jan 2006)

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