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What's his story?
Rob's played poker off an on ever since he was a tiny person (his mother's a gambler) but only started playing "seriously" within the last year. Rob knows several members of the poker group through local boardgaming groups. He played a game or two with the crew last year but didn't become a regular until his grad school classes let up in April of 2005. Oddly, he has never played in a casino, but longs for the day he can take large sums of other people's money home with him.

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
Rob lives with a beautiful author named Kelley, and three geriatric pets. Poker is one of several hobbies that keeps him sane while he makes his way through grad school earning a Masters in Counseling. He also enjoys ultimate frisbee, board gaming and good food.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
Rob will let us all know what Casino games he prefers when he finally makes it to a Casino. He's pretty sure though that low stake no limit hold 'em will fit the bill and limit will NOT.

Poker Leaks
Board games and a need to travel top Rob's list of monetary leaks. His current (as of Aug 2005) time leaks would include school and World of Warcraft. As for poker, there are all kinds of flaws in Rob's strategy. So many flaws, in fact, that he is impossible to read, allowing him to crush opponents through mass confusion.

Poker Pet Peeves
Rob wants to stick hot pokers in the feet of people who bluff at empty side pots when a small stack is all in. He's also not fond of people who feel a need to extensively ponder every single decision point. Rob is also sometimes bothered by the folks who are constantly reeling off stories of their bad beats but can't seem to recall all the times THEY were the ones that got lucky. Finally, he's pretty sure he prefers to play with people who have showered.

Online Poker
Rob played on partypoker.com for a while until his miniscule amount of spare time began to be sucked up by World of Warcraft. He doesn't miss the online poker world much because, though it is good practice, there's just too much missing from the game there. Throw in the fact that there is ALWAYS someone chasing something and online poker becomes something he can take or leave.

Greatest Poker Moments
  • Convincing Anna that he thought SHE had the fourth queen when he actually had it.
  • Winning three firsts and getting four seconds in six weeks during his 4 months playing with the crew.
  • Having his cowboys hold up against three other players, taking them all out at one Tues night game.
  • Having his QQ hold up against JJ and AKs to virtually lock the Oasis 2005 Tournament.

    Memorable Bad Beats

  • Mostly because it was so recent; getting Kerry to go all the way with her KK against his AA pre-flop only to have a K hit.
  • A string of online games where in 10 out of 14 of the games he got knocked out on a sizable bad beat (i.e. one where he's ahead at least 75%-25% at some point in the hand) landing in 3rd or 4th place.

  • Casino Tournament Finishes
    Zero, zilch, nada. Rob's done squat, though he can claim to be the champion of the last two tournaments held at invitational board gaming events (That Board Gaming Thing, 2004 & Oasis of Fun, 2005; each with around 20 participants)

    Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • The 8th Annual Nothing Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 3, 2011) - 2nd out of 18
  • The 6th Annual Nothin' Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 12, 2009) - 2nd out of 16
  • The 5th Annual Nothin' Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 20, 2008) - 1st out of 13
  • Weekly Game (Sep 18, 2007) - 1st out of 11
  • Weekly Game (Aug 2, 2005) - 2nd out of 10