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T Money Bag$


What's her story?
Traci joined the poker group from an initial invitation "tag along" with her boyfriend. She's been tossing chips around the poker table since her boyfiend introduced her to Texas Hold Em' in 2004. Most of her vacations now consist of the very important question when planning a trip, "Is there a casino there?" She has played in casinos and poker rooms from Melbourne Florida, Vegas, Aruba, Tahoe, and everywhere between. During a friendly game with friends, an associate coined her poker name that she has used ever since. Thus the "T Money Bag$" legacy began.

What does she do when she's not playing poker?
Traci is currently a Project Manager in Global Strategic Finance with Harris Corporation in RTP, NC. She's a middle child of six and grew up in Western North Carolina. She is an avid tennis player and enjoys bowling. She's a NCCU graduate and completed her graduate studies at Duke University.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
Texas Hold Em' 1-2 NL, 1-5 Spread. Pai Gow.

Poker Leaks
Poker Books. Everybody has a story that makes them think they are a poker expert.

Poker Pet Peeves
When a player is "all in" in a tournament with others in hand. Her biggest pet peeve is when the remaining players splash an empty side pot with nothing in their hand, causing the other players to fold and leave that player heads up with the all in only to find the player that splashed the side pot had nothing and one of the remaining players that folded would have taken the "all in" player out.

Online Poker
Pacific Poker-OYella
Poker Room-TMoneyBags

Favorite Casinos
  • Circus Circus, Reno, NV
  • Stratosphere, Las Vegas, NV
  • The Occidental Grand, Aruba
  • The Tropicana, Atlantic City, NJ
  • The Greyhound Park, Melbourne, FL
  • Harvey's, Lake Tahoe, NV

  • Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • Weekly Game (Feb 21, 2006) - 1st out of 10
  • Weekly Game (Feb 7, 2006) - 1st out of 10
  • Weekly Game (Jan 31, 2006) - 3rd out of 15
  • Weekly Game (Jan 17, 2006) - 3rd out of 14