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The Gabe

What's his story?
Gabe came to the group through a convoluted path. He works with Donovan who plays softball with Daniel who works with Clint who went to lunch one day with a random friend who knew Laaaagle who is a cofounder of the group. What, not convoluted enough? Gabe is one of several hosts for the group's weekly hold'em game and recently (in August 2005) went on his first, and certainly not last, poker group excursion. Gabe and Foxwoods have two of the only known poker rooms where you may use your sunglasses in the way they were truly intended. You know Gabe is at the game when you see the license plate "I'MALL-IN".

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
Playing acoustic guitar (though it has suffered due to poker), attending sporting events, and going to movies fall alongside poker as Gabe's favorite pastimes. Dinner, cookouts, and drinks with friends rank high as well. His 8-to-5 grind is officially statistical programming, unofficially it's more like 10:30-4:30 web-surfing.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
NL Hold'em cash games (thanks to a member of this group) and NL Hold'em tournaments of the freezeout variety.

Poker Leaks
If he's in Vegas, the Race & Sportsbook will definitely get Gabe's business. Can you really beat free alcohol while watching your favorite team(s) dash that stupid sentimental parlay? If Gabe picks up the Daily Racing Form and starts talking about Exactas and Trifectas the leak is about to gush. It can only mean he is reminiscing about the fast horses, cold beer, and hot women found in abundance at Lexington Kentucky's Keeneland raceway (www.keeneland.com). A horse racing bet is imminent. If it's not the race & sportsbook, then poker of the video variety is the likely source of the leak. With a Royal Flush ($1200), 4 Aces ($800), and 4 Deuces ($800, $500) to his credit, Gabe believes this leak may be occasionally acceptable.

Poker Pet Peeves
  • Players bluffing at empty side pots
  • Big-blinded big stacks (lol) that do not call small all-in bets
  • "Semi-bluff". The term leads to instant cringing. Hearing some kid (who looks to be just out of diapers) announce to the table that he/she was on a "semi-bluff" has a particularly powerful effect. Restraint must be exercised to keep from punching said kid in the nose. Foxwoods and a recent trip to Vegas come to mind.

  • Online Poker
    Gabe can occasionally be found on Full Tilt Poker or Noble Poker under the screen name "bipolarpoker". In his early online poker days, Gabe was liable to go off the handle at any time following a string of bad beats or bad sessions. Declarations such as "I'm never playing online poker again" and "I quit, I even un-installed the damn software" were not infrequent. Donovan found this quite amusing and told Gabe his license plate should be "IMALLIN IQUIT IMALLIN IQUIT". Shame you can't fit that many letters on a license. The screen name was thus born.

    Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • The 8th Annual Nothing Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 3, 2011) - 2nd out of 18
  • The 7th Annual Nothin' Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 11, 2010) - 2nd out of 15
  • Weekly Game (Nov 28, 2007) - 2nd out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Oct 30, 2007) - 2nd out of 7
  • Weekly Game (Jul 31, 2007) - 1st out of 10
  • Weekly Game (Jun 5, 2007) - 3rd out of 10
  • Weekly Game (May 22, 2007) - 2nd out of 13
  • The 3rd Annual Nothing Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 12, 2006) - 2nd out of 12
  • Weekly Game (Jul 18, 2006) - 3rd out of 9
  • Weekly Game (Jun 27, 2006) - 3rd out of 11
  • Weekly Game (Apr 11, 2006) - 2nd out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Feb 28, 2006) - 2nd out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Dec 20, 2005) - 1st out of 11
  • Weekly Game (Aug 9, 2005) - 1st out of 12

  • Trips Attended
  • Atlantic City 6 (Nov 2007)
  • Las Vegas 6 (Apr 2007)
  • Las Vegas 5 (Jan 2006)
  • Atlantic City 5 (Dec 2005)
  • Atlantic City 4 (Oct 2005)
  • Foxwoods 1 (Aug 2005)
  • Las Vegas 3 (Apr 2005)

  • Some of The Gabe's photos from Poker Group Functions
    (Randomly selected from 31 photos)