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What's his story?
Brad began playing poker regularly in early 2004 when he co founded the poker group. Fueled by his love of gaming and fierce competitive nature, he has since been a dedicated student of the game, learning what it takes to become a winning player. Brad often hosts the weekly game and has held several larger special events. The majority of his experience is online but he prefers live play when given the choice. He attends most of the group's trips, Foxwoods being the only one he has missed. Brad has been relatively successful to this point in his poker career but has yet to capture a large tournament cash. It is only a matter of time before this young poker phenom breaks through to the big time!

What does he do when he's not playing poker?
When not playing poker, Brad works his day job as a software developer, where he often thinks about how much he would rather be playing poker! He enjoys playing softball during the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Brad usually takes at least one big snowboarding trip a year. His favorite was the trip to Whistler, BC, in 2004. Brad always enjoys a good movie, whether at the local theater or in his own home theater which he has built up over the years.

Casino Poker Games of Choice
Brad's current game of choice is 1-2 NLHE. He occasionally plays the 2-5 NL but has yet to breakthrough at that level. The majority of his cash play has been in no limit, but he is starting to get back into limit holdem. Right now Brad plays the 5-10 or 6-12 but would like to move it up to 10-20 as soon as his bankroll allows. His experience in other games is limited but plans on playing more Omaha in the coming months.

Poker Leaks
Brad's biggest poker leak is not knowing when to leave a bad game. Other non-poker leaks are dvds and home theater equipment.

Poker Pet Peeves
People falling asleep at the table, acting out of turn, and saying "raise" when they really mean "bet".

Online Poker
Brad plays at PokerRoom (SASBrad) and FullTilt (MrBigStacks). Most of his online play is in MTT's and SNG's, usally of the $10 to $50 variety.

Worst Beat
2-4 NLHE cash game at Mandalay Bay.

Hero in SB with QhQd.
Villain UTG+1, raises to $16.
Button calls $16.
Hero reraises to $50.
Villain calls $34.
Button calls $34 (pot = $154)
Flop = As 8d Qs
Hero bets $75
Villain raises to $150
Button folds
Hero reraises all-in to $300
Villain calls $150

Villain shows Ad2s for flush.
Villain wins $754.

Poker Group Tournament Finishes
  • The 7th Annual Nothin' Says the Holidays Like Uppin' the Stakes Tournament (Dec 11, 2010) - 2nd out of 15
  • Weekly Game (May 7, 2008) - 2nd out of 6
  • Weekly Game (Feb 13, 2008) - 2nd out of 9
  • Weekly Game (Jan 16, 2008) - 2nd out of 14
  • Weekly Game (Jan 9, 2008) - 1st out of 14
  • Weekly Game (Jun 5, 2007) - 1st out of 10
  • Weekly Game (May 22, 2007) - 3rd out of 13
  • Weekly Game (on PokerRoom) (Apr 25, 2006) - 1st out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Apr 11, 2006) - 1st out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Mar 14, 2006) - 1st out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Jan 24, 2006) - 2nd out of 10
  • Weekly Game (Jan 3, 2006) - 2nd out of 11
  • Weekly Game (Nov 15, 2005) - 2nd out of 8
  • Weekly Game (Nov 1, 2005) - 2nd out of 7
  • Weekly Game (Oct 25, 2005) - 2nd out of 12
  • Weekly Game (Aug 30, 2005) - 1st out of 12

  • Trips Attended
  • Atlantic City 6 (Nov 2007)
  • Las Vegas 5 (Jan 2006)
  • Atlantic City 5 (Dec 2005)
  • Atlantic City 4 (Oct 2005)
  • Las Vegas 4 (Jul 2005)
  • Atlantic City 3 (Apr 2005)
  • Las Vegas 2 (Feb 2005)
  • Tunica 1 (Jan 2005)
  • Atlantic City 2 (Oct 2004)
  • Las Vegas 1 (Sep 2004)
  • Atlantic City 1 (Aug 2004)

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