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This photo was taken on a trip in 2000 when visiting Shirley's hometown for one of her wedding showers.

I've been to Kansas four times:

Pep Band Trip for the Women's Final Four in 1998
The NC State Women's basketball team went to the Final Four in Kansas City in 1998, and I was able to go as a senior member of the pep band. We spent most of the trip in Missouri, but we did take a side trip to the NCAA Hall of Champions museum in Kansas (where we saw a video montage that included a still shot of the NC State Marching Band which we had to watch multiple times).

New Years Eve in Kansas in 1998
I spent about a week in Kansas on my second trip to visit with Brett and his family during my first winter break at SAS in 1998. During my visit, I learned how cold it can be in Kansas! The high on one of the days was 9 degrees! I used a snowblower for the first time in my life, which was kinda neat. I also was surprised at how everything continues as normal when it snows up there, and people actually know how to drive around in the stuff. Of course that didn't keep our flight from being cancelled and being forced to spend a few extra miserable, bitter cold days in Kansas.

Wedding Shower for Shirley in 2000
I stayed with Shirley's family in Sabetha in November of 2000. We went to a wedding shower at Shirley's family's church that Joy and I helped host. I learned how to herd cattle out in the fields on the farm. I think that Shirley's Dad got a real kick out of that! We also had hair appointments to try trial styles for the wedding. This is the trip that Shirley took me to Nebraska for the brief border crossing.

Shirley and Brandon's Wedding in 2001
I was a bridesmaid in Shirley's wedding in 2001 in her hometown of Sabetha. Shirley's Dad kept joking that I was going to have to help him on this trip to pull calves! We were a bit too busy with wedding activities for working on the farm on this trip!