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Gabe took me to my first live horse racing in April 2006.

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Up until 2006, I had only been to Kentucky once. It seems like I will have plenty more opportunities since Gabe's family is from Kentucky!

Family Reunion in Paducah in 1991
The Kraul family got together for a reunion in 1991 in Paducah, Kentucky. I'm still not completely sure why Paducah was selected, but I think it was a fairly central location since our extended family is spread out a bit. We had several reunion activities throughout the trip. I have fond memories of the huge water balloon slingshot at the family picnic as well as playing The Dice Game with the adults in the cabins at night.

Visiting Gabe's Family in April 2006
Gabe and I went to Kentucky to visit his family and to experience my first live horse racing. See the trip report for more details.

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