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This photo was taken outside of a They Might Be Giants concert in 2003 in Towson.

More photos taken in Maryland can be seen in these albums:
They Might Be Giants - Recher Theatre - Towson, MD (December 2003)
They Might Be Giants - Recher Theater - Towson, MD (February 2003)
Roadtrip (June 2004)

I've been to Maryland on numerous trips. These are some of the highlights that I can remember off the top of my head:

Family Trip to DC and Maryland in 1984
Kristin and I flew on an airplane for the first time on our family trip to DC in 1984. After touring DC, we stayed with Mom and Dad's friends, The Camerons, in Monkton. They had two children (Evan and Ellen) a bit younger than Kristin and I. Kristin and I had a lot of fun playing hide and seek in the huge house with Evan and the maid (Ellen was just a baby at the time). We rode on their horses and gathered eggs from the chickens.

Marching Band Trip to UMD in 1994
We went on a trip to the away game at the University of Maryland in my freshmen year in the marching band at NC State. We performed in an Eagles game during that same weekend.

Visiting Marianne (1999-2000)
I took several trips to visit Marianne while she was living in Maryland, including to see her graduation from the University of Maryland in 2000. Gina accompanied me on that trip, and we went to Six Flags America. I visited Marianne several times in Annapolis at her parents home on the naval base.

Gigantic Roadtrip in 2002
Scott, Greg, and I decided to drive to Silver Spring to see Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns, the documentary about They Might Be Giants. The movie wasn't playing anywhere locally, so Silver Spring was the closest location. We drove up and back all in one day! On the way up, we played some disc golf and listened to lots of TMBG. We met Greg's brother in Silver Spring to go to the movie and to Ruby Tuesday's afterwards. We got back very late that evening, but it was a very fun day!

TMBG concerts in 2003
I went to two They Might Be Giants concerts in 2003 at the Recher Theatre in Towson. One was in March and the other was in December. I also went to a corresponding show each time at the 9:30 club in DC a day or two later. Melissa and I decided at the last minute on the day of the first Towson concert that we wanted to go to the show. It was fun to be sporadic and last moment!

East Coast Roadtrip in 2004
Melissa, Doug, and I decided to take a roadtrip in 2004 since we all wanted to see Madonna perform in New York City. We decided to make it a true roadtrip complete with stops in each state that we touched along our way and wacky roadside attractions. See the trip report for more details.