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The pep band and cheerleaders on the 1996 trip for the Women's NCAA tournament.

I've been to Alabama on two trips:

High School Spring Break 1993
The West Rowan Jazz band took a trip to New Orleans (see Louisiana for more details). I think that I took a few non-interesting photos outside of the La Quinta motel in Birmingham, Alabama where we stopped overnight on the way to New Orleans. I believe that this is where the jazz band practical jokes might have started (and where Robbie decided to use the sink as a urinal).

Womens NCAA Basketball Tournament in 1996
College pep band and marching band trips were always fun. This was the first one that I went on where we actually flew instead of drove on a bus. Only three trombonists were on this trip: Shedrick, Jason H, and me. I remember I spent very few hours sleeping on this trip, and many hours hanging out with new pep band friends. Trip memories include the dainty chairs, the store that never ends, taco/burrito, UGLY, almost getting kicked out of the game, and more...