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Scott, Shedrick, and I feel welcomed by the Holiday Inn on our trip to Dayton in 1998.

More photos taken in Ohio can be seen in these albums:
Father's Day Weekend (June 2009)
Family and Football in Kentucky (October 2007)

I've been on two "real" trips to Ohio, and we made a day trip to Ohio for a Bengals game:

Women's NCAA Sweet 16 in 1998
I traveled with the pep band in 1998 to Dayton for the Women's NCAA Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games for NC State. We were happy that at least our women's basketball team could take us places. This was one of the first trips that we stayed in the same place as the team (usually we are in the dump down the street from the team). We stayed at the Holiday Inn, home of the magnificent Holidome. Oh, Holidome, how we love you. We couldn't believe it when we won the Elite 8 game to earn us a spot in the Final Four!!! We hung out in the Holidome (home of the Pep Band Golf Classic), watched NCAA men's basketball on tv, had a few drinks, and played in the pep band at the basketball games.

Bengals Game in 2007
Gabe's birthday gift in 2007 was tickets to a Bengals game. See the trip report for more details.

Father's Day Weekend in 2009
We went to Cincinnati for Father's Day weekend. The flight to Cincinnati was Maddie's first flight. We visited with Gabe's family, attended a Reds baseball game, and visited the awesome Children's Museum. See the trip report for more details.