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I took this photo of Salt Lake City from the runway in 2000 just before finally taking off to fly to Jackson Hole.

I accidentally went to Utah once:

Salt Lake City Diversion in 2000
I was on my way with some friends to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Some piece of equipment on the ground in Jackson was broken, which meant (according to our pilot) that "If one of the engines went out during our flight, we would not be able to negotiate a successful landing." Since almost everyone on the flight was going on a ski trip, we all wanted to take a vote on whether to chance it but they wouldn't hear of it. We had to land in Salt Lake City for an overnight stay. The next day, we had to return to the airport bright and early. We boarded the plane and sat on the runway for literally 3 or 4 hours before they told us that we could get off the plane and hang out in the terminal if we wanted. They played two movies during this time that we were sitting on the tarmac. It turns out that some guy from our flight had chartered a jet which ended up skidding off the runway in Jackson. It took them several hours to clean up the mess (nobody was hurt as far as I know).