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My dad, great grandpa, and I pose in front of Great Grandpa's house in Virginia in 1977.

More photos taken in Virginia can be seen in these albums:
Memorial Day Weekend (May 2010)
Weekend at The Leslie Lodge (November 2009)
Roger Waters Roadtrip (September 2006)
Visiting Charlottesville (May 2006)
Weekend in Virginia (May 2005)
Roadtrip (June 2004)
They Might Be Giants - Fairfax Fair - Fairfax, VA (June 1999)

Virginia is another one of those states that I have visited more times than I can recall. My dad is from Richmond, so we have visited with family in the Richmond area a few times. I went on a high school trip to Norfolk for a music festival and again much later to see a They Might Be Giants concert. I've visited numerous other sites in Virginia over the years and driven through the state many times.

Trip reports to Virginia (since 2004):
Roadtrip to Atlantic City, New York City, and Baltimore (June 2004)
Virginia in December (December 2004)
Weekend in Virginia (May 2005)
Visiting Charlottesville (May 2006)
Roger Waters Roadtrip (September 2006)
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Memorial Day Weekend at the Leslie Lodge (May 2010)
A Weekend at Camp Leslie (July 2010)