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Kristin and I pose in front of the park sign in 1987. Note how cool we are in our yellow and pink Converse Hi-Tops.

More photos taken in Washington can be seen in this album:
Alaskan Cruise (August 2007)

I've been to Washington twice.

Family trip to Seattle in 1987
My family went to Washington state in the summer of 1987. We went to Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria during our vacation (making this my first visit to Canada). We went to a lot of National Parks and mountains. One of my favorite parts was visiting Mount Saint Helens (which I ended up eventually doing two research papers about - one in middle school and one in college). Kristin and I were excited about seeing snow in the middle of summer piled up taller than us! We saw giant redwood trees and beautiful mountain scenery. We were blessed with nice Seattle weather as most days were clear and we caught at least a glimpse of Mount Rainier every day during our stay.

Alaskan Cruise and Seattle
We stayed in Seattle a few days before and a day after our Alaskan cruise. See the trip report for more details.