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West Virginia

Near the longest steel arch bridge in the world on the rafting trip in 2004.

I've been on two "real" trips to West Virginia (and stayed overnight on the way to visit Gabe's family in Kentucky):

Rafting the Lower Gualey in 2003
I went on a work sponsored trip to West Virginia to raft the Lower Gualey in September 2003. The Gualey River is only open for about 6 weeks of the year when they release the dam. The Lower Gualey is the least challenging between the Upper and Lower, but still more challenging than most rivers on the east coast. I had a lot of fun on this trip, although the only person who fell out of our boat was our guide! This lead to an amusing struggle as the raft had no clue about what to do next...

Rafting the Upper Gualey in 2004
I returned once again on the work sponsored trip to the Gualey River in 2004. This time we rafted the more challenging Upper Gualey (with five or six Class V rapids!). I fell out of the raft three times (once when the entire raft flipped over...). See the trip report for more details.