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Washington, DC

This photo was taken in 2003 while touring Washington, DC with friends. It had just snowed in the few days previous to our arrival, although most of it in the area had melted.

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I've been to DC on multiple trips throughout the years. My family went for the first time in 1984, which was the first time that my sister and I had flown in a plane. I remember that we did a lot of walking and saw the major monuments and museums. I went to DC again in 1988 with the Girl Scouts bus trip to DC, NYC, and Philly.

In more recent years, I have been to the DC area with friends to sightsee and attend concerts. I've been to multiple They Might Be Giants shows at the 9:30 Club. Each trip involoved more sightseeing and museums. I also went to DC while I was a Creative Memories consultant for a scrapbooking convention.

Washington, DC trip reports (since 2004):
Roger Waters Roadtrip (September 2006)