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This photo was taken during the East Coast roadtrip in 2004 with Melissa and Doug. We made a point to stop in the First State Diner as part of our tour itinerary.

More photos taken in Delaware can be seen in this album:
Roadtrip (June 2004)

I've driven through Delaware twice:

Girl Scouts Trip in 1988
During the summer after 6th grade, our girl scout troop took a bus trip to DC, Philadelphia, and New York City. We drove through Delaware briefly on I-95.

East Coast Roadtrip in 2004
Melissa, Doug, and I decided to take a roadtrip in 2004 since we all wanted to see Madonna perform in New York City. We decided to make it a true roadtrip complete with stops in each state that we touched along our way and wacky roadside attractions. See the trip report for more details.