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We had beautiful weather!

More photos taken in Florida can be seen in these albums:
Shannon and Sam's Wedding Weekend in Florida (July 2005)
Cullen's First Roadtrip (April 2010)

I've been to Florida on multiple trips:

Family Orlando Trip in 1985
My family went to Orlando for a family vacation in 1985 (when I was almost 9 and my sister was 6). We visited Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld, Epcot, and Gatorland. Kristin and I remember having breakfast with Disney characters at our hotel. Chip 'n' Dale threw a knife at our mom!! They were playing "baseball" using cereal boxes as the balls and butter knives as the bat, and the bat slipped out of their hand and went sailing towards Mom! This made an impression on us, clearly since I still remember it after all these years. We got up early each day to visit the amusement parks, went back to the hotel during peak hours, and then returned in the evenings to the parks.

Family Trip to Captiva Island in 1989
We took a family vacation to the South Seas Resort on Captiva Island in 1989. I remember we all loved going through the J.N. "Ding" Darling wildlife preserve on Sanibel Island where we saw various birds and wildlife. We wanted to see an alligator on our trips through the preserve, but we never did get to see one. Our family lucked out with an upgraded condo which included an extra loft complete with spiral staircase. Kristin and I thought that was pretty neat! We swam in the ocean, rode the trolley to look at manatees and get ice cream, and found countless shells. And we worried about the little birdie who was going to be zapped.

Disney World with Jazz Band in 1992
The Jazz Band in high school went on a trip every year during Spring Break. We usually had at least one or two performances during the trip. This year we went to Disney World and performed on a stage in Magic Kingdom. The most memorable moment was the flash flood in the afternoon in SeaWorld and Jill's appropriately timed seal impression.

Disney World with Marching Band in 1993
Every four years, the marching band in high school took a trip to Disney World over Thanksgiving break to march in the Disney Christmas Parade. Our whole family made a vacation out of this trip since my sister was also in the marching band as a freshmen. My parents went along as chaperones, provided that we did not have to ride on their bus!

College Marching Band Trips to Florida State (1994-1997)
We went on at least two trips to Florida State vs. NC State football games (which were historically not good for NC State!). One of the games we lost by 70 points! The band made the best of it by playing "Wipe Out" in the stands. We also were excited on another trip when we beat the spread and chanted, "We beat the spread, we beat the spread" when they did their little Florida State fight song chant thing. On the trip during my senior year, the trip was over Halloween weekend and we had a Halloween party in the hotel ballroom.

Shannon and Sam's Wedding in 2005
Greg and I went to Shannon and Sam's wedding on Sanibel Island. I was excited to return to Sanibel and Captiva since we had such a nice family trip in 1989. I was saddened to hear that the resort we stayed at in 1989 was destroyed in recent hurricanes. For more details on the wedding and trip, see the trip report.

Cullen's First Road trip in 2010
Cullen was only two months old when we embarked on his first road trip to Georgia and Florida. We stayed at a resort in Orlando and decided at the last minute to visit Magic Kingdom for one day. We were so glad that we did. We had a great time! See the trip report for more details.