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Atlanta Family and Fireworks

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Atlanta, GA
Friday, July 2, 2004 - Monday, July 5, 2004
Atlanta Family and Fireworks photos

Purpose: To visit with family over the July Fourth holiday

More details:
Dad and I drove to Atlanta for the July 4th weekend. We had a nice weekend visiting family and watching fireworks.

Once again, I attended the Kennesaw fireworks celebration with the Bursons, Grandma, Grandpa, and Dad. John Thomas and Joseph enjoyed the air slide, and we walked around the festival. This year many local politicians approached us, trying to persuade us to vote for them.

We had a nice picnic dinner, and afterwards we played games and caught fireflies while waiting for the fireworks to start. Grandpa and Dad listened to the Braves game.

The fireworks were great! I had just bought a new camera a few days before the trip, so I was eager to try out some of the settings with the fireworks. I brought my tripod and set up the self-timer and varied the exposure settings. Some of the shots turned out great! Overall, I was happy with the results.

Dad and I also visited with Grandma Kraul at her home. We had lunch with her and played some Kings on the Corners, a family favorite.

I went to another fireworks show with the Bursons while Dad stayed at home with Grandma and Grandpa. Bill took us to the top of the parking garage where he worked. We had an excellent view of the Centennial Park fireworks! I tried some more camera settings, and the skyline photos with the fireworks turned out pretty neat. It was cool to see fireworks shows all around us, some pretty far into the distance.

Both nights, my cousins and I were amused with taking pictures of ourselves with long exposures. John Thomas and Joseph were amused as we took photos of us with four arms and two heads.

On the way back, we met Mom at a Cracker Barrel for dinner, and I headed back to Raleigh.