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First Poker Group Trip to Atlantic City

Atlantic City
Friday, August 6, 2004 - Sunday, August 8, 2004

Purpose: To play poker in a casino for the first time with the poker group.

More details:
Six of us from the poker group flew to Philadelphia, rented a car, and drove to Atlantic City for a weekend packed full of poker!

What We Learned on Our First Poker Trip

  • Check raising complete strangers is fun.
  • Our poker group is way better than the average low limit casino player.
  • Seagulls like munchies.
  • Six people can share a single standard hotel room, and yet everyone can have an entire bed to themselves.
  • You can't sneak four extra people past the Days Inn hotel clerk.
  • The next time we try to sneak extra people into the Days Inn, we'll put sleeping bags into suitcases.
  • The next time we try to stagger the arrival of the extra people, we'll stagger more than 30 seconds.
  • When staggering our exit, we will be more clear about "the plan" and "the meeting place."
  • Staying in a hotel within safe/easy walking distance of the poker room is a good thing.
  • You can manage to fit in 30 hours of poker from midnight Friday night to 7pm on Sunday night.
  • Tournaments are not a good time/money investment when there's dead money at the low limit tables.
  • We all want to try "The Pink Game" next time.
  • We don't need sleep.
  • We don't need food.
  • One should lock the bathroom door when taking a shower.
  • It's fun to get together with a group of friends and then proceed to NOT hang out together.
  • The Borgata poker room is nicer, but the wait is too long.
  • The Borgata has its own expressway.
  • Poker is the only reason to visit Atlantic City.
  • You can be playing poker in the casino in Atlantic City at 7pm and be home before the end of the day.
  • Time flies in the poker room.
  • The lead singer from Puddle of Mudd plays poker.
  • Sleeping during the day is difficult.
  • The hotel will let you set a wake up call for 8pm.
  • You won't need it since you can only sleep about 3 hours at a time anyway.
  • Atlantic City is like a mediocre ham sandwich when you're really hungry.
  • You can order a mediocre ham sandwich at the table for the cost of one big bet at the lowest limit table.
  • Jeremy was our big winner this trip with a sizable poker profit from the weekend.
  • Brian placed in the money in Sunday's tournament for a net gain of about $40.
  • The rest of us blew a total of $740 in tournaments for no apparent reason.
  • As a group, we still came out ahead.
  • How can we afford not to go?