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Rafting the Upper Gualey

West Virginia
Friday, September 10, 2004 - Sunday, September 12, 2004

Purpose: To raft the Upper Gualey

More details:
The RFC at my work organizes a yearly rafting trip. I went on the trip in 2003 to the Gualey River where we rafted the Lower Gualey. This year the trip was more intense and we rafted the Upper Gualey!

At some point, I will post some photos of the weekend. Most of the pictures were taken with a disposable camera, so they will have to be scanned.

We bought a DVD of our adventures which include our raft flipping over on one of the last rapids. In the video footage, you can clearly see our guide intentionally flipping the raft (as he threatened to do the entire trip). Most of the people in the raft were all for it, though a few were a bit hesitant. I thought it was great!

Greg and I each fell out of the raft three times. The rapids on the Upper Gualey are much more challenging (five Class V rapids!!). Of course when our raft flipped, everyone was dumped out into the water. I was temporarily trapped under the boat, which was somewhat disorienting. I finally found my way out and gasped for air. I did get a nasty bruise on my heel gained from hitting a rock while we drifted down the river after our spill, but overall we made it down the river safely. Thank goodness for the guides! They really know their way around the river!