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They Might Be Giants in Atlanta

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Atlanta, GA
Friday, September 24, 2004 - Sunday, September 26, 2004
They Might Be Giants in Atlanta photos

Purpose: To visit with family and see a They Might Be Giants concert

More details:
Since TMBG was performing in Atlanta on a Saturday night, I thought it was a good time attend the concert and visit relatives. As a bonus, Homestar Runner made a special appearance at the concert.

Friday night, we went to Davidson to spend the night at my parents house. Saturday, we had an early start and got to my grandparents house in time for a mid-afternoon meal. We spent some time on Saturday with Grandma, Grandpa and the Bursons. Sunday, we went to visit Grandma Kraul for lunch and King's Corners before heading back to Raleigh.

The concert on Saturday was fun! I always enjoy seeing They Might Be Giants perform.

Variety Playhouse Freak-In / Experimental Film / New York City / Ana Ng / Spine / Memo to Human Resources / Older / Damn Good Times / Alphabet of Nations / Doctor Worm / The Famous Polka / Particle Mo / Til My Head Falls Off / It's Kickin' In / Homestar Runner - Marshie / Homestar Runner - Get By With A Little Help / Wearing a Raincoat / Stalk of Wheat / Drink! / She's An Angel / Bastard Wants To Hit Me / Boss of Me / Twisting / Thanks a Go-Go / Birdhouse In Your Soul / Clap Your Hands / James K. Polk / Robot Parade / Jazz Waltz in C / Fingertips / Violin / Thunderbird / The End Of The Tour

Corn Mo opened for the show and made an appearance during Particle Man for dueling accordians.

As usual, we got to the venue fairly early and had fun hanging out with some of the other early fans. The Variety Playhouse is in an interesting location (Little Five Points) with some quality people watching. We saw a man (or was it a woman, hard to tell) digging in the dirt for over an hour, a man play trombone for the crowd horribly, and two preteen girls who caught everyone's attention when they walked by as they were dressed quite inappropriately for their age.

After the show, we met the creators of Homestar Runner (as seen in the above photo). Andrew had attended one of their cousins weddings this summer since he went to school with her at Purdue. We didn't know her name, but we figured we had enough identifying details. Greg said, "My brother is friends with one of your cousins and attended her wedding this summer." Their response was, "Which one?" And he further clarified by saying that Andrew knew her from Purdue to which they again responded "which one?" The fact that she graduated still did not clear up the matter. Apparently, they had multiple cousins who went to Purdue, several of whom graduated and were married in the summer!

I was also able to purchase mp3s for the show after it was over. This tour was interesting as they created a brand new song for every venue on the tour.