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Last Minute Trip to Vegas

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Las Vegas, NV
Wednesday, February 16, 2005 - Sunday, February 20, 2005
Last Minute Trip to Vegas photos

Purpose: To play lots of poker!


Wednesday, February, 16, 2005 Fly to Vegas after work, start playing poker.
Thursday, February, 17, 2005 Ride the NYNY rollercoaster, eat at the Bellagio buffet, visit the Bellagio conservatory, and see the Bellagio fountains. Play in the Sahara 7pm tournament, play more poker afterwards.
Friday, February, 18, 2005 Play in The Orleans 7pm tournament. Play more poker.
Saturday, February, 19, 2005 Play as much poker as possible before heading back to Raleigh on the red eye.

More details:
Brad, Brian, and I booked our tickets less than two weeks before flying to Vegas for several days of poker, poker, poker...

This time we found that our best deal would be at Excalibur, which we prefer to call The Trashy Castle. The room was ok, and it was convenient to poker. I spent most of the time playing in the Excalibur poker room.

We also played in two tournaments during our trip. None of us cashed in the Orleans tournament, but I placed in the money in the Sahara tournament!

I was lucky again on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine, and I spread my skills to Brian (since he taught me how to play craps and all). He also profited largely from the WoF slots as well. Good times!

Overall, we had a profitable trip and a great time (especially considering the Trashy Castle). I played only no limit low-buy-in ring games this time, and I've decided to never return to limit! We played ring games at Excalibur and Mandalay Bay.

We had an interesting cab ride back to the airport. We spent the first several minutes of the cab ride talking about poker and going over hands and our experiences at the table. Brian was riding in the front of the cab, and I asked him whether he's got us this time. He said, "I don't have any cash" (our standard cab joke). I told Brian that he's going to have to wash dishes, then. This is when the cab driver chimed in (he had been silent the entire ride up to this point), "You'll have to wash and armorall my cab. Wash the windows. And then I'll have my way with the lady." Of course Brad and Brian thought this was amusing already, but he didn't stop there. He followed up with "You've been talking about poker, I'll poker her! I'm talking about Ace-in-the-hole." To which Brian responded, "Good times." I wasn't too excited about *this* plan!

Our red eye flight went through Minneapolis where it had been snowing all night. It was a scary experience to wake up as we are landing on a blanket of white. Being from Raleigh, we're just not used to taking off and landing in the snow! We were concerned as our plane was leaving the jetway and we had four or five inches of snow on the wing. Fortunately, we headed for a de-icing station before taking off (logically I knew that we had to, but I was still nervous). I had to keep telling myself that they deal with this kind of thing 8 months out of the year, so they probably know what they are doing!