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Shore Vacation with Andrew and Brooke

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Wildwoods, NJ
Friday, July 29, 2005 - Sunday, July 31, 2005
Shore Vacation with Andrew and Brooke photos

Purpose: To visit with Andrew and Brooke and take a trip to the beach!

More details:
Greg and I flew to Philadelphia to visit with Andrew and Brooke. We drove to The Wildwoods after landing in the Philly airport on Friday. We checked into our motel (which mislead us on their website), walked around the boardwalk, and went to bed. Saturday, we decided to check out of the motel, spend a little time on the boardwalk, and head back to Pennsylvania to hang out at Andrew's apartment for the rest of the weekend.

The trip didn't work out exactly as planned. The flight to Philadelphia was delayed a little, but not too badly. Brooke and Andrew picked us up at the airport, and we all headed to the Jersey shore. The drive to the shore takes about 2-3 hours, so we played Catch Phrase and 20 Questions to pass the time.

We had a little trouble finding the motel, and we were not impressed once we found it! The website for the hotel is a bit misleading! It didn't help that it was a dreary Friday night (and Saturday morning). The Royal Court "Resort" Motel's claim to having "clean, comfortable suites" could not be further from the truth. We did not find them to be clean, comfortable, or even a "suite!"

The photos do not quite do the situation justice, but they will give you an idea. Upon seeing the tiny, dirty shower with the stiff plastic shower curtain covered in mildew, we all decided we were not showering at this place!

We put our stuff down and exchanged "this sucks" glances and headed to the boardwalk to take a short walk. Andrew and Brooke had informed us that we would have a new catch phrase within moments of walking onto the boardwalk, and the boardwalk did not disappoint us in that respect. As soon as we stepped onto the boardwalk, we started hearing "Watch the tramcar, please" over and over and over...

We returned to our rooms to attempt to sleep for the night. Once we got back to our rooms, we decided that we would check out of the motel in the morning. We were going to attempt to get our money back, spend some time on the boardwalk on Saturday, and then head back to Philadelphia for cheesesteak and video games.

I don't think any of us slept very well, especially Brooke and I who were kept awake by the thunderstorm. The storm blew up a nearby transformer and knocked out the power in the motel and surrounding area. It was very dark and very quiet (which wasn't entirely a bad thing).

Oh, and by the way... "The windows are open. There are open windows."

In the morning, Andrew and Greg attempted to check out of the hotel and get a refund for the second night. When they made this request, the desk clerk pointed to a sign which clearly read "No refunds will be granted for leaving early." So much for that! We checked out anyway and went to walk around the boardwalk and get some breakfast.

The day was dreary...overcast and threatening to rain. We walked up and down the boardwalk, had breakfast, and decided to head back to Philly. On the way, we had more fun with 20 questions.

Andrew introduced us to the world of authentic Philly cheesesteaks. He coached us before we got to Geno's about the proper way to place your order. We were told to only say "wiz with" or "wiz without" when we approached the counter, or we would potentially be sent to the back of the line until we got it right. This is when I learned that real Philly cheesesteaks are made with cheez whiz! The "with" or "without" indicates whether or not you would like onions. I ordered mine "wiz without," and Greg ordered his "wiz with." They were quite tasty, but not something I could stand to eat very often!

We headed back to Andrew's apartment where we changed into pajama pants and played hours of Mario Party and WarioWare. We took a short break to grab some dinner from Wendy's, came back, played more video games, went to bed, woke up, played more video games, went to breakfast, played more video games, went to play minigolf, and headed to the airport to go home.

Greg and I had a few remaining adventures in the airport. Our flight was delayed which caused great confusion in the airport since they were not giving us the proper information. Finally, once everyone was loaded onto the plane, they informed us that we did not have enough luggage. Apparently, we were about 400 pounds short of "enough" and the solution was to bring out stacks of newspapers and magazines. They literally loaded stacks of periodicals onto the plane.

We were unable to get a direct flight back to Raleigh (unless we wanted to go back early on Saturday), so we had to fly through La Guardia. Our flight took off in Philadelphia at about the same time our plane was boarding in LGA! Fortunately, we were in luck. The plane landed about the time our other flight was supposed to take off. Once we were settled at the gate, everyone was grabbing their baggage and clogging up the aisles, as usual. The flight attendant got onto the PA and announced that everyone should sit back down in their seats. Once everyone was settled, she announced, "the two passengers flying to RDU should now exit the plane." They had held the plane for us! We rushed off the plane and onto the next and headed home, exhausted.

All in all, it was great to see Brooke and Andrew. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them, although next time I think we'll just plan to stay at Andrew's apartment and play video games!