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Atlantic City Junket

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Atlantic City, NJ
Friday, December 2, 2005 - Sunday, December 4, 2005
Atlantic City Junket photos

Purpose: To play poker, of course! Why else would we go to Atlantic City??

More details:
The last Atlantic City junket went well, and several members of the poker group didn't want to wait until next year to go on another one (me included!). We went on our third Tropicana Atlantic City junket (the 5th poker group trip to Atlantic City).

Checking In
We arrived fairly early on Friday. The plan of sitting at the front of the bus didn't work once again. We chose the second bus which ended up leaving several minutes after the first bus left. We still had to wait a bit in line to get our hotel room, but we were able to go to the room right away this time. We threw our bags into the room, prepared the Red Bull makeshift cooler (more about this below), and headed down to the poker room. Thankfully the rooms did not stink this time, although one of the rooms wasn't quite ready. We had two adjoining rooms. This was the first time that our group had adjoining rooms, so that was convenient.

The Red Bull Plan
Since Red Bull cost us $4 a can on the last trip, we decided to bring our own this time. Gabe, Brad, and I brought 20 cans of Red Bull from Raleigh where we could purchase it for less than half price. We filled the sink in the hotel room with ice and Red Bull, and we took turns going to the room to fetch the ice cold beverages. This proved to be a pretty good plan, and we had just about the perfect amount of Red Bull.

The Poker
The weekend was rough for the poker for most of the time for most of the group. We each had our fair share of losing sessions, although not everyone had overall losses for the weekend. Brad made the biggest comeback of the weekend late in his Saturday night session. He played well of course, but also was getting some great miracle cards when he needed them. Gabe and I had some rotten luck on Saturday evening and ended up not playing in the final hours of the trip.

The Trump Classic
Brad decided to play in one of the events in The Trump Classic with a $500+50 buy-in. Brad was enticed by the reasonable blind structure as well as being a part of a more major event. Unfortunately, he did not cash in the tournament. The event had over 200 participants, and the top prize was almost $40k. This is the most expensive live event that any of the core members of our poker group have entered so far.

Video Poker
I played my first video poker "sessions" in years, and I actually had some pretty good luck at it! Gabe convinced me to play (by sitting down and playing video poker - I didn't want to be left out or anything!). I ended up hitting quad Aces and quad Kings out of the 4 video poker sessions that I played during the trip.

I don't wanna be a pirate...
When I went to put in my contacts on Saturday morning, I made the unpleasant discovery that one of my contacts had a tear on its edge. I further discovered that I neglected to bring extra contacts AND my glasses. Both items are usually necessities for any trip, but of course the one time that I need them I forget to bring them. I had to put up with the uncomfortable contact for most for the rest of the trip, although I did try the one contact in, one contact out thing...which didn't work terribly well. I looked around the hotel for something that could work as an eye patch, but I had no success with that plan either! I think that I could have really intimidated the other players with an eye patch. Ah well. I don't want to be a pirate!