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Kentucky Horse Racing

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Lexington, KY
Thursday, April 6, 2006 - Sunday, April 9, 2006
Kentucky Horse Racing photos

Purpose: To see the horse races at Keeneland and visit with Gabe's family

More details:
During this long weekend, I experienced live horse racing for the first time at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky. Gabe introduced me to members of his family, and we spent a good bit of time visiting with them.

Our original flights had us getting to Louisville early enough to make it to dinner with Gabe's family on Thursday evening. Unfortunately, the flight schedules had changed, and we didn't get into Lexington until after midnight! We had a 3-hour layover in Chicago, and then we were a little delayed getting out of Chicago. We brought our Nintendo DS games which kept us sufficiently entertained while traveling!

Friday morning, we picked up Gabe's mom and went to a tasty lunch. After lunch, Gabe and I headed to the horse racing track.

At the track, Gabe showed me the ropes. He had shown me in Atlantic City a little bit about how to bet on the horses, and I learned quite a bit more at the track. We bet on 7 different races, and we found out that we were great at picking losers! Gabe's mom placed a random bet on the 5 horse in the 3rd race, and her horse ended up winning! The best that we did all day was to pick two horses "across the board" that ended up placing 3rd and earning us our bet amounts. Ah well, maybe next time. Despite the threat of rain and thunderstorms, the weather was pretty nice while we were at the races. It started to rain a little bit towards the end, but we were happy with the weather overall!

After the races, we visited Gabe's parents at their house. We played the first greatly anticipated pinochle game after dinner. Gabe and I lost the first game (but it was close!), and we played another game on Saturday that we won. We didn't have time during the weekend to play a third game, so we're going to have to settle the score when we see them next time!

We had a birthday party for April on Saturday. In attendance were Gabe's parents, Heidi (Gabe's sister), Dylan (Heidi's son), Jessica (his cousin), Sterling (Jessica's son), and of course April (Jessica's daughter). We played a lot of games throughout the day, including our victorious pinochle rematch. Gabe and I brought some games from my collection to play with the kids. In the evening, we had a dinner for April with some of her favorite foods. She requested barbeque ribs, chicken, asparagus, corn on the cob, cream soda, and an ice cream cake!

We didn't have much time on Sunday, but we did manage to have lunch with Gabe's mom and Dylan as well as stop by to say hello (and goodbye) to Heidi. We headed back to the Louisville airport. We had a few adventures on the way home, and we were actually thankful that we were scheduled to have a 3-hour layover. We ended up circling Chicago's O'Hare airport for a while, and then we had to land at Midway to refuel. We then got back into the air for the 12 minute flight to O'Hare! By the time we arrived in Chicago, our 3-hour layover turned out to more like an hour.

It was a great trip, and I had a lot of fun meeting and spending time with Gabe's family!