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Grandpa's 90th Birthday

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Atlanta, GA
Friday, March 17, 2006 - Sunday, March 19, 2006
Grandpa's 90th Birthday photos

Purpose: To visit family in Atlanta for Grandpa's 90th birthday

More details:
Mom, Dad, Kristin, and I drove down to Atlanta to celebrate Grandpa's 90th birthday, which was on the following Monday. We made a quick trip just for the weekend.

This was the first time in many years that all four of us have been able to take a trip to Atlanta at the same time. Kristin and I rode together to Davidson Friday night. The drive took us longer than expected as we ran into quite a bit of construction traffic. We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to pile into the car and drive to Atlanta.

We arrived in the early afternoon and spent some time looking through all the cards that Grandpa had received for his birthday so far. This year Dad organized a card shower for Grandpa. We had many friends and family send him birthday cards. He received over 200 cards from all over the country. The response was excellent! I had quite a few of my friends and coworkers send greetings. Grandma and Grandpa thoroughly enjoyed receiving all the mail. Grandpa kept a tally of how many cards he received from each state, and he even received one from Canada.

Not long after we finished going through the cards, the mail arrived with almost 60 more cards! Grandpa sat down with the big pile of mail and separated out the non-cards to deal with later. He opened and read each card, and we passed them around the table. It was fun to see all the different cards. Amazingly enough, there were only a couple of duplicate cards!

Frances, Bill, John Thomas, and Joseph joined us late in the afternoon for dinner and cake. We had a nice time visiting with family (and as you can see, we got a few good photos). I spent a bit of time with the portable photo printer that I received for Christmas. I printed copies of the photos that we took that day for everyone. I even printed a copy of Fred's photo since Grandma and Grandpa thought that he would enjoy it. They gave the photo to him a few days later with the grand totals. He was so impressed by all of Grandpa's birthday cards that he even sent one. He enjoyed his photo and said that nobody had ever taken a picture of him in his mail truck.

Sunday, we had breakfast with Grandma and Grandma before leaving to visit my mom's mom. Grandma even made us cheesy eggs--yum, my favorite! We went to Grandma's home and spent a few hours visiting with her before making the drive back to NC. Kristin and I got back to Raleigh fairly late since we ran into the same construction traffic. Ugh!

The visit was brief, but we had a good time visiting with family, as always!