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Melissa's Birthday Weekend

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Edisto Island, SC
Friday, August 4, 2006 - Sunday, August 6, 2006
Melissa's Birthday Weekend photos

Purpose: To relax at the beach and celebrate Melissa's 30th birthday!

More details:
Melissa wanted to do something special for her 30th birthday this year, so she rented a beach house at Edisto for the entire week. Various friends and family joined Jason and Melissa during their vacation. Gabe and I joined them along with 6 others for the weekend after Melissa's birthday.

I was excited about finally getting to go to Edisto Island after hearing about it for so long. Melissa has been telling me that she's going to take me there for over 20 years! Her grandfather and his family are from the island, so she visits the area often with her family.

Gabe and I left after work on Friday to make the journey to Edisto. This was Gabe's first trip down I-95 and therefore his first experience with the ludicrous South of the Border signs. We were tempted to stop at Pedro's, but we decided against it. The signs were humorous and help to pass the time, though!

We stopped at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner somewhere around Fayetteville. We didn't exactly feel like fast food, but we probably would have had better food. Our food was definitely subpar, and included extra unwanted ingredients such as the hair in one of my mini-burgers. Ewww! I was surprised at how they handled it. Seems like most restaurants would have whisked my plate away so fast and would have been scrambling to make me happy...not to mention take it off my bill and comp me whatever else I wanted. Not at Ruby Tuesdays! Our waitress asked me if the other mini-burgers were ok and then took 50% off of that entree. That's it. We were ready to get out of there and didn't put up much of a fight. Next time, we're going to Arby's.

The drive to Edisto is roughly 5 hours, so we didn't get to the beach house until sometime after 11pm. We got a little lost once we got to the island as the roads are not well marked! Fortunately, Jason had just a wee bit of cell phone reception, so we were able to get some guidance from him. We found the beach house ("it's the one with every possible light on") and walked down to the beach where everyone was taking a stroll.

We spent a few seconds on the beach and then headed back to the house. We weren't exactly dressed for the beach (we were still in the clothes we wore to work), and it was pretty dark out there anyway!

We went back to the house where we could actually see the people we just met. We hung out on the porch chatting and laughing for a little bit with Melissa, Jason, Kathy, and Brian before going to bed. Kathy was a bit loopy from a rough week and lack of sleep which provided amusement for all! I'll have to admit that I was a bit tired and loopy as well.

Saturday morning we didn't sleep in too late and felt well rested for our day in Edisto. We had some breakfast in the house and lounged around a little before heading to the beach. Almost everyone went out to the beach for several hours. It was very hot! I hadn't been to a beach in a while, probably over 2 years. It was fun to swim and play in the water, but it was too hot for me to sit in the sun on the sand. We put on lots of high SPF sunscreen, but it wasn't quite enough protection! We got a little bit burnt but nothing too major. I'm glad that we weren't in the sun for much longer, though!

It was nice to go the beach and do some swimming. I had forgotten how much sand gets into your swimsuit at the beach! I didn't even realize I had collected so much sand (and small shells apparently) until I went to take a shower back at the house. Ooops! I had to go back outside to the outdoor showers to take care of the excess sand. How does it all get in there??

Gabe and I went out to lunch at The Sea Cow Cafe and went by the Piggly Wiggly for a few groceries. Apparently, everyone who came to visit during the week made numerous visits to the Piggly Wiggly. Options are limited on the island!

After lunch and our grocery shopping, we went back to the beach house to hang out with the group until our dinner reservations later in the evening. Gabe and I played a game of Shanghai Rummy (or whatever it is called - I've played it with various names) with Kevin, Rob, Jason, Jag, and later Brian. We never did finish the game (which is probably for the best as we were running out of cards when we got to the 9 or 10-card level! Three decks is apparently not enough for that number of people!).

All ten of us headed out to dinner for our 7pm reservations at The Old Post Office Restaurant. One can assume that the restaurant occupies the island's old post office. The dinner was tasty, especially the salmon appetizer and the chocolate mousse dessert. YUM!

We hung out at the beach house on Saturday night and played some spades (it's always good to have a deck of cards handy!). The beach house that we were staying in was huge! The house had 5 official bedrooms and at least 3 full bathrooms. Four of the bedrooms were normal bedding arrangements (I think most of them had a queen or king), but then the 5th bedroom looked like some kind of orphanage. That bedroom had 2 queen beds and at least 2 twins as well as a couple of couches (which may have even been pull-out couches). We discovered additional cots and bedding in one of the closets. We figured that the beach house could probably sleep close to 20 people comfortably!

We had to wake up early on Sunday to check out of the beach house by 10am. Melissa and Jason had paid for a cleaning service, so at least we didn't have to scrub bathrooms and floors before we left! The recycling and trash had to be gathered and taken to the dump which proved to be an "exciting" side trip for Jason, Kathy, and Brian. Wooohooo! A dump run!

The rest of us went over to Melissa's grandfather's house where they had to drop off some items and make sure everything was taken care of in the house before leaving town. It was neat to see the area that Melissa has been talking about for all these years. Her grandfather's house is on a peninsula surrounded by the marsh and waterway. I learned a new fact about oysters while we were standing outside of Melissa's grandfather's house. They make a lot of noise! The oysters make strange popping noises in the marsh. Odd little things, those oysters.

After listening to popping oysters, eight of us hit the road to drive to Charleston for lunch and some potential sightseeing. We walked around Charleston for a little while and decided to eat at A.W. Shucks. After lunch, most of us decided to head back to Raleigh as it was HOT and we were eager to get back home at a decent hour. Gabe and I had a few issues getting out of Charleston, but we finally found our way.

On the way back, we decided that it would make an interesting photo collage if we could get as many photos of Pedro's South of the Border signs. That kept us amused for over 90 miles! Gabe took so many photos - and we didn't even capture all of them (not to mention the ones that were blurry or didn't come out at all).

It was a quick, but fun, weekend with some cool people. We had fun hanging out with Melissa and Jason, meeting their friends, and spending some time in Edisto and Charleston. Now I have several more weeks where I can tease Melissa about being old before I turn 30 myself!