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Visiting Charlottesville

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Charlottesville, VA
Friday, May 5, 2006 - Saturday, May 6, 2006
Visiting Charlottesville photos

Purpose: To visit with Gabe's parents and see Monticello

More details:
Gabe's parents were passing through Virginia on their way home from Williamsburg. Gabe and I decided to meet up with them in Charlottesville to visit and play some cards. We took the opportunity to tour Monticello on Saturday, and then we stopped by to visit with more of Gabe's family in Richmond on the way home.

Gabe and I drove to Charlottesville on Friday afternoon and arrived just in time to have dinner with his parents. We wanted as much time as possible for our pinochle game, so we had a quick dinner of pizza in the hotel.

After pizza, we got down to business with the cards. We rearranged the hotel room a bit so that we could play pinochle. We ended up playing two games, and once again both teams had one win and one loss! I guess we'll just have to play again on the next trip. We did make a point of taking more photos of Mick this time!

Gabe's parents left early on Saturday before we were awake. We checked out of the hotel and then went to have breakfast at a nearby restaurant (near UVA's campus). After breakfast, we headed to Monticello. I was excited to visit Monticello again. I had seen Monticello when I was a teenager and wanted to visit again as an adult. This was Gabe's first visit to Monticello.

We had a beautiful day for sightseeing. We made it to the house, bought our tour tickets, and only had to wait about 15 minutes for the guided house tour. Our tour guide was excellent -- very informative! We enjoyed the guided tour, and then we took a stroll around the grounds of the plantation. We got a bit of practice with the new camera!

After visiting Monticello, we started our trek back to Raleigh. We stopped for several hours in Richmond to visit with Gabe's aunt and cousins. All in all, it was a fun, quick trip!