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Atlantic City Junket

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Atlantic City, NJ
Friday, April 22, 2005 - Sunday, April 24, 2005
Atlantic City Junket photos

Purpose: To play poker (there is no other reason to visit Atlantic City!)

More details:
The Tropicana Hotel sponsors junkets to Atlantic City which are package deals with airfare, transfers, and lodging. The poker group decided to give the junket a try.

Brian, Paul G., Brad M., Terry, Doug, and I packed our carry-on bags and headed to Atlantic City where we sleep and eat very little and play poker nonstop. The chartered flight was interesting as the gambling starts once we hit cruising altitude. They hold several lotteries or "money bags" where you put your seat number on a $10, $20, or $100 bill. The owner of the bill drawn wins the entire bag of money. Unfortunately, none of us won, but it was still amusing nonetheless.

Since we didn't have to play a certain number of hours at the Tropicana, we decided that this would be an excellent time to finally try the Borgata. The Borgata poker room is nice, but the waitlist can be absolutely ridiculous. Andrew and Kevin arrived from Philly fairly late on Friday night, and they waited for a while before deciding to go to the Tropicana instead to play.

This was Terry and Paul's inaugural experiences playing poker in the casino. I think that their first experiences were favorable and they will be in attendance on some future trips.

Andrew's friend Kevin is a professional magician, and he was awesome! He entertained us while we were waiting to be seated in the cafe and during our dinner (or was it breakfast or lunch or what?). Kevin was about to meet Paul for the first time, and he informed the rest of us that he was going to take Paul's watch. He showed Paul a warm-up trick or two, and then he performed the watch-taking trick. Knowing what he was doing, it was amazing to witness him stealing the watch! Paul picked the right card in the trick and "won" his very own watch. Paul was very surprised and amused. I was glad that Andrew was able to make it this weekend. It was so much fun hanging out with him and meeting Kevin.

Other Adventures
Random drunk lady on the junket. Snort snort. The trees are fake. Look at them, ha! Wardrobe decisions. You're going to need that. Oh you'll see. This ain't all I got going on! Shenanigans. Ripped slot receipts and $5. Sparkly cocktail waitresses. Trickiness. The ball is going to drop any second. Working girls. I'm not bluffing. Did I say something stupid?