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Thanksgiving in Kentucky

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Lexington, KY
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 - Sunday, November 26, 2006
Thanksgiving in Kentucky photos

Purpose: To visit with Gabe's family for Thanksgiving

More details:
After our honeymoon in NYC, we flew directly to Lexington to spend time with Gabe's family for Thanksgiving. It was nice to fly directly into Lexington! We had a nice time with his family, and everyone loved playing the Wii!

We arrived Wednesday night in Lexington. On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Caesar's Indiana with Gabe's Mom and Grandma. This was the first time that I met Gabe's Grandma (she lives in Vegas). She was visiting Gabe's family for a few weeks. At Caesars, we played some video poker and got in some Texas Hold'em time as well. As usual, Gabe and I won some money at poker but lost money in video poker. Typical! We had a very non-traditional "Thanksgiving dinner" at the casino before heading back to Lexington.

We had our Thanksgiving celebration at Heidi and Tom's house on Friday since they had plans with Tom's family on Thanksgiving Day. We brought the Wii over to their house, and everyone played quite a bit! We felt like our long wait for the Wii in NYC had definitely paid off! Heidi did a very nice job preparing the holiday meal, complete with a very pretty table setting.