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Heidi and Tom's Wedding Weekend

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Lexington, KY
Friday, June 16, 2006 - Sunday, June 18, 2006
Heidi and Tom's Wedding Weekend photos

Purpose: To attend Gabe's sister's wedding!

More details:
Gabe and I went to Kentucky for his sister's wedding. Both of us were able to take off Friday from work, so we left on Thursday after our photography class. It was a short, hectic weekend, but we were happy we could be there for Heidi and Tom's wedding!

We had our photography class on Thursday from 6pm until 8pm. We skipped the group dinner after class so that we could get on the road and head to Charleston, West Virginia where we had reserved a motel room. We stopped for some food along the way just north of Winston-Salem. We amused ourselves with iPod Name-That-Tune in the car (very effective when you have over 6,000 songs on your iPod!). The drive doesn't seem quite as bad with some games and music to pass the time.

We reserved a room a little over halfway near Charleston, West Virginia at the cheap Red Roof Inn. We figured that we were only there to sleep, so we didn't need a high quality place. We got to our hotel a little past 2am, ready for some sleep! The desk clerk was nowhere to be seen. We knocked on the windows/doors to see if we could catch someone's attention but without any luck. Another group of travellers were there with us and lost patience and just headed on to find another place. After about 10-15 minutes, we tried to call the hotel...no answer. As I was on the phone to the corporate number, we saw a guy enter the office. We were really close to either cancelling (doubt we could have done this) or just forgoing our reservation and driving the rest of the way to Lexington!

We finally got into our room which was non-impressive but probably typical of Red Roof Inn quality. We then realized that neither of us had packed contact lens solution, thinking that the other had packed some. So, we got back into the car and visited two gas stations and a closed K-Mart with no luck in finding contact lens solution. We tried calling the front desk, but we knew that we weren't going to find any help there (we were right).

Now we had three options as we saw it: sleep in the contacts, drive the rest of the way to Kentucky, or try to use tap water with the contacts overnight. None of these options seemed to be preferable, but we ended up choosing the tap water. I'm hoping that this is my last cheap, crappy hotel experience. I think that next time I'll splurge and spend the $30-40 more to stay somewhere a bit more decent! The room was as expected, but it just felt gross and stale. We didn't sleep incredibly well. I guess you get what you pay for!

We weren't sure how well the tap water would work, and sure enough we learned it doesn't work well at all. The contacts ended up being a bit sticky, so we thought we shouldn't put them in just yet. Fortunately, we both had brought our glasses (with outdated prescriptions, but they at least work well enough). Our first stop was at the K-Mart to get the contact solution so that we could soak the contacts for at least an hour or two. We knew that we weren't too far from a Cracker Barrel, so we decided to have breakfast. Yum!

We arrived in Lexington early afternoon and checked into our hotel. I was exhausted from little sleep the night before (and all the driving), so I took a nap while Gabe and his mom spent some time together and ran a few errands. Heidi brought Dylan over before dinner and went back for a quiet evening on her own.

After dinner, Gabe and I took Dylan to the mall where we bought him a new controller for the GameCube (well, so we could all play) and a new game (that we could all play). Gabe also discovered that his long awaited baseball game was finally available, so he got that, too. We got back to Gabe's parents house and played Super Smash Brothers and Rampage with Dylan for a few hours before heading back to the hotel.

Saturday was the big day! We met up with Gabe's parents and Dylan to go over to the Talon Winery where the wedding and reception was held. Heidi and Tom tied the knot in a traditional ceremony outdoors with the winery grounds as a nice backdrop. They were joined by family and close friends. The ceremony was followed by a reception in the same place. Aside from troubles with the unity candle and a few overheated kids, everything went pretty well! Gabe and I tried to use our new photography skills throughout the day, but we learned that we still have so much to learn!

Saturday night, we spent some time with Gabe's cousin, Jessica. Gabe, Jessica, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to have dinner, watch the hockey game (Go Canes!), and play some trivia. Unfortunately, our team lost (so that they could win the Stanley Cup at home, woohoo!). Jessica and I then proceeded to embarrass Gabe while we played some trivia. Just before we left the sportsbar, we discovered an addictive and expensive horse racing video game where you actually create and keep a card with the details of your horse. The game is cleverly designed to make you want to put more and more money into the machine.

Sunday, we went back over to Gabe's parents house to have a cookout (and to wish Mick a Happy Father's Day). We played a game of pinochle which turned out badly for us! They played well, but we also had a pretty rotten run of cards. We played a few video games with Dylan as well.

Then it was time for us to get back on the road. We left town around 3pm with a stop for dinner along the way at a Cracker Barrel (this has become regular thing with traveling for us!). We played more iPod Name-That-Tune to amuse ourselves and pass the time. We were making pretty decent time until we got to some traffic around Greensboro which delayed us at least an hour. We finally got home around 1am. Whew!

Once again, we had a nice weekend with family and wished we could have stayed longer. We have plans to visit again for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we're not sure whether we'll get a chance before our wedding.