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Keeneland Opening Weekend

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Lexington, KY
Thursday, April 5, 2007 - Sunday, April 8, 2007
Keeneland Opening Weekend photos

Purpose: To see the horse races at Keeneland and visit with Gabe's family

More details:
Gabe likes to go to the races at least once a year, so we planned once again to visit his family during opening weekend at Keeneland.

We drove to Lexington on Thursday night and arrived after everyone had already gone to bed. We were surprised to see a few light flurries when driving through West Virginia. We just don't expect snow in April!

Friday was opening day at Keeneland, and we went out to the races with Debbie, Heidi, and Dylan. I didn't take as many photos as usual since it was really cold! Gabe and I had already put our heavy winter clothes into storage, so we had to make do with our sweatshirts and light jackets. I even bought a new Keeneland beanie to keep my head and ears warm! At some point while we were at the track, it started snowing hard!! By the end of the day, the track was almost completely covered in white, fluffy snow.

We left before the end of the day...none of us were having much luck, and it was too cold to stay outside for very long. We headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for family Photo Hunt. We sure do make a great team! It was snowing like crazy for several hours.

After PhotoHunt, Gabe and I went to his favorite Mexican restaurant to meet his friends Brad and Stephanie. We had dinner with them and went over to Brad's house afterwards. We played in the snow with the kids and spent some time at their house. It was nice that we finally had a chance to spend time with Brad as we hadn't been able to get together on previous trips.

On Saturday, we all went to the same Mexican restaurant for April's birthday celebration. We continued afterwards at Gabe's parents house for cake (that I decorated), ice cream, and presents.