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Early Christmas in Davidson and BNL in Charlotte

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Davidson, NC and Charlotte, NC
Saturday, December 16, 2006 - Sunday, December 17, 2006
Early Christmas in Davidson and BNL in Charlotte photos

Purpose: To visit with my parents and see a Barenaked Ladies concert

More details:
Gabe and I decided to get tickets to the Barenaked Ladies concert at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte. Since we weren't able to visit my parents just before Thanksgiving, we thought we would visit with them this weekend as well.

We drove to Davidson on Saturday morning so that we could get there mid-afternoon in time to accompany my parents with some friends of theirs to an expansive train layout in Huntersville. We spent a bit of time at the train layout which was pretty neat! The layout snakes through the entire garage and models much of North Carolina from Asheville to Charlotte. Maybe this is what Dad's casita will resemble in a few years...

After our excursion to see the layout, we had dinner at Brixx pizza. Yum! We went back to Mom and Dad's house afterwards and exchanged Christmas presents. This worked out well to exchange Christmas presents early...less to worry about packing for our trip the following week! We played several competitive games of Scrabble - Gabe and Mom are tough competitors! Every once in a while, Dad and I were able to sneak in some good games.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad took us to a gallery downtown that had some neat stuff. They did a little shopping there for Christmas gifts. We had a bit of time afterwards to play a few more games of Scrabble.

We had learned the previous week that Catherine and Matt were also planning to go to the concert, so we met up with them at my parents house to ride together to the show. We were early enough to get a decent spot near the stage (though not as early as I have been in the past). The show was fun, though I really wished that they had played more of their older stuff. Ah well, that's how it goes with most bands, I suppose.

We ended up getting back to Raleigh before 2am and were very tired the next day! We had a fun weekend!