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Memorial Day Weekend in Atlanta

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Davidson, NC and Atlanta, GA
Friday, May 25, 2007 - Sunday, May 27, 2007
Memorial Day Weekend in Atlanta photos

Purpose: To visit family in Davidson and Atlanta

More details:
We decided a few days beforehand to take a short trip down to Atlanta to visit my family. We drove to Davidson on Friday night and arrived in time for a late dinner and some competitive Scrabble matches. We completed the drive to Atlanta on Saturday morning and drove back to Cary on Sunday night. We had a nice time visiting with my grandparents.

We planned to be back in Cary for Memorial Day, since we thought it would be nice to take advantage of the extra holiday time to recover from the long drive. Our typical weekend trips down to Atlanta can be exhausting when we end up getting back late and going to work the very next day. It was definitely nice to have some extra time to relax!

Our drive to Davidson was uneventful. We ran into just a little bit of traffic just before our exit on the interstate. We hung out on the patio for a bit while my dad grilled some burgers. It was nice that we could have dinner with my parents, even if we all ate a little later than usual.

After dinner, we played two very competitive Scrabble games. The scores were very close! Gabe miraculously came from behind in the first game to win. He almost pulled a win in the second game...if only "coe" were an actual word! Mom snatched victory from his grasp instead. In our games, it seems like the winner almost always is the one who can use up their tiles first.

Gabe and I completed the drive to Atlanta on Saturday morning. Once again, the drive was uneventful aside from an engaging game of iPod Name-That-Tune. With around 6,000 songs on the iPod (and soon to be much more!), this game keeps us busy for hours and hours. Fortunately, neither of us seem to get bored with it on our roadtrips. We stopped on favorite songs to serenade each other. Gabe recorded a video of me at one point, but you can pretty much guarantee that you won't see that one at kerryandgabe.com. Or anywhere except for the trash bin on my powerbook...

We had planned to visit with the Bursons at my grandparents house, but they were unable to make it this weekend. Joseph recently broke his arm and had to have last minute surgery on Friday. Poor kid...just as school is letting out and the summer is starting. He broke the same arm at the same time a few years ago.

Since we weren't able to see the Bursons, Grandma and Grandpa took us out to a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill instead. We arranged to pick up our dear family friend, Corinne, so that she could join us for dinner and visiting. I hadn't seen Corinne in a while, and Gabe had not yet met her, so I was thrilled that we had the chance to spend some time with her. We had a very nice evening!

Gabe spent some time with my Grandpa watching baseball, of course. Nobody loves the Braves more than my Grandpa...except for maybe Corinne! We had to arrange our dinner plans around the ballgame. Gabe and Grandpa watched the game together on Sunday as well. It wasn't a good weekend for the Braves or the Reds, so it would seem.

We left Atlanta late Sunday afternoon. We wanted to time our trip just right so that we would miss out on the race traffic near the speedway. We timed it just right and did not encounter much traffic on the way home. Grandma had fixed us a very big lunch just before we left Atlanta, so we had no need to stop for dinner! We made pretty good time and got home safe and sound.