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Weekend in Athens

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Athens, GA
Friday, July 13, 2007 - Sunday, July 15, 2007
Weekend in Athens photos

Purpose: To visit family in Athens, GA

More details:
Gabe and I drove down to Athens, Georgia to visit with relatives. Since I was sick right before Christmas, Gabe had missed out on meeting most of the Kraul side of the family. We had been planning to find a good time to visit the Kozlosky's since then.

We drove to Davidson on Friday night and stayed overnight with my parents. We were really glad that we hadn't decided to make the whole trip down to Athens all at once. The traffic was horrendous. We were in three different standstills (presumably involving wrecks) on the way to Davidson. One of the wrecks must have happened just before we arrived as we could somewhat see the emergency vehicles from where we were stopped. We even saw a helicopter land on the road where we assumed they airlifted someone to the hospital. Traffic was stopped in both directions for miles. We saw that one of the cars had the roof cut off so that they could get the people out of the vehicle.

Fortunately, we arrived at my parents house safe and sound. We didn't get a chance to play our usual Scrabble game, but we did get to see some photos from their recent trip out west.

We headed to Athens in the morning and arrived in the early afternoon. My mom's cousin Bill and his wife Dawn were also staying in Athens for the weekend. We were joined by Laura, Nik and Rob Saturday afternoon for a cookout. I was excited to finally introduce Gabe to everyone.

Chris and Steve took us downtown for a tour of Athens and the University of Georgia. We had lunch and milkshakes at The Grill diner, and then we headed to the flyball competition. It was fun to see all the dogs competing. This was the first time that I had seen a live flyball competition. It was interesting!