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Kentucky Christmas

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Lexington, Kentucky
Sunday, December 23, 2007 - Thursday, December 27, 2007
Kentucky Christmas photos

Purpose: To visit family for Christmas!

More details:
We had hoped to go to both Kentucky and Georgia for Christmas, but we decided it would be a bit too much at this time. We spent Christmas in Kentucky with Gabe's family this year.

Our drive took longer than usual since we had to take more frequent rest stops! It's a bit more challenging to travel when you're 7 months pregnant.

We had a nice time with family. We gathered on Christmas at Gabe's parents house. We had a tasty holiday meal and TONS of presents! Gabe, his mom, April, and I went looking at Christmas lights in the evening. I hadn't gone driving around in search of casino houses and Griswold houses in quite a while, and I really enjoyed it. We were looking for the prettiest and the tackiest displays. The more lights, the better!

A good bit of our stay this time was spent playing Guitar Hero. I think we got everyone to try the game at least once. Everyone seemed to love it! We also worked on a jigsaw puzzle that Gabe's parents had received for Christmas.